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CFA National Sponsorship

Reach decision-makers and influencers of franchise brands
through a customizable, year-long National Sponsorship
of the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA).

CFA’s National Sponsorship is an elite sponsorship program providing you with core benefits and a range of customizable options to meet your unique business objectives. The CFA National Sponsorship program is reserved for CFA Franchise Support Services (FSS) members. As a National Sponsor, you will receive exclusivity in your business sector. This means no other providers of similar products/services can be a CFA National Sponsor during your term.

National Sponsor support plays an active and vital role to the success of CFA’s programs and services, which are key to promoting excellence and growth in franchising in Canada. Franchise systems require the kinds of support products and services you offer and need to know about the value you can provide to their businesses. The CFA National Sponsorship program empowers you to connect with franchisors all year round through everything CFA does.

Take advantage of CFA National Sponsorship to:

  • Gain maximum exposure for your brand
  • Employ strategic and tactical opportunities to raise awareness and create interest in your company’s products and services
  • Increase your reach and penetration in the franchise market
  • Support your specific marketing goals
  • Leverage all CFA marketing efforts
  • Simplify your budgeting and planning process

CFA is committed to maximizing the value of your CFA National Sponsorship with flexible elements to drive your business goals. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your objectives and how CFA National Sponsorship can be customized to best meet your needs.

Download a CFA National Sponsorship Brochure

To schedule a meeting with CFA, or to learn more about the CFA National Sponsorship program, please contact:

Suzy Jones
Vice President, Operations & Membership
Tel: 416-695-2896 ext. 225