How to Franchise Your Business

Franchise Your Business Seminar

As a successful entrepreneur, you’ve built up a booming business. Now you may be wondering: what’s next? How can I grow my venture even bigger? Franchising might just be your answer.

In order to franchise your business, you must have a successful business concept. Luckily, franchises can be found in virtually every business category and sector. And, so long as the business and its success can be replicated in a new location, it can be franchised.

If you’re dipping your toes into franchising, you’ll want to research the ins and outs of building a franchise system so you can approach it with a solid base of knowledge. The Canadian Franchise Association offers a number of events and resources to help you do just that:

Franchise Your Business Seminars
Offered in person and via webinar, the CFA’s Franchise Your Business seminars feature a panel of franchise experts who will cover all of the steps you need to take before you franchise.

Resources Articles
Access our archive of resource articles on how to franchise your business.

Professional Support
CFA members include some of Canada’s leading franchise lawyers, bankers, consultants and more. Click here to access our member directory and connect with top franchise professionals who can help set you up for success!

If you’re thinking of franchising your business, CFA membership offers education, lead generation and networking opportunities to connect with experienced franchisors and franchise professionals. Click here to learn more.


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