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The Canadian Franchise Association is dedicated to promoting and strengthening excellence in franchising in Canada. The following events and publications are produced by CFA members to assist franchisees and franchisors to become more knowledgeable about franchising. Upcoming events are listed by date while resources are listed in alphabetical order by title name.

 BuyingFranCan BUYING A FRANCHISE IN CANADA (2nd Edition)
By Tony Wilson, BA, LLB

If you are considering buying into a franchise in Canada, this book will prepare you to make informed decisions and to acquire a franchise that is right for you. It will give you a better understanding of the legal issues and help you to spot problem areas.

ISBN: 978-1-55180-847-5
Number of pages: 172

This book is also available as part of the Canadian Franchise Association’s Complete Information Kit for Franchise Success

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By Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, with Andraya Frith, Dominic Mochrie and Gillian Scott as editors

A trusted resource that includes all of the economic, business and legal considerations to help you effectively navigate your way through franchise issues

This classic looseleaf contains more than 2,000 pages from one of the country’s leading franchise law firms. Here you will find reliable guidance to help your clients achieve their business goals, whether they intend to start a franchise, expand their franchise in Canada or internationally, bring or defend business critical franchise litigation or buy or sell an existing franchise system.

Topics include:

  • Key legal considerations in the franchise model
  • International franchising
  • Regulation of business practices
  • Leading franchise decisions
  • Developing and operating a franchise system

New in this edition

  • Practical, user friendly content including a table of leading franchise legal decisions organized by topic
  • New Quick Reference Guide section containing practical, concise, user friendly tips and best practices relating to various issues facing franchisors
  • Up-to-date Franchise Disclosure Document checklist
  • A new section on business issues around developing and operating a franchise system.

ISBN: 978-0-7798-6422-5

Format: 4 volume looseleaf

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By Edward N. Levitt

Canadian Franchise Legislation is written by an acknowledged expert in the area of franchise law. Author Edward N. Levitt brings to this service over 30 years of experience. It offers step-by-step guidance to help franchisors and their legal counsel comply with disclosure requirements and assists counsel who act for franchisees to ensure that their clients’ franchisors are and remain in compliance with the legislation. In addition you’ll find an overview of the U.S., European and Australian models.

ISBN: 9780433409212
Number of Pages: n/a – this is a looseleaf title– 2 volumes

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By Daniel F. So, LL.B.

This book is intended for franchisors and deals with the legal and business issues that they face, as they enter into, and maintain, franchise relationships. If you are a franchisor, or represent a franchisor, this text will help you understand, in a very practical way, the legal regime under which franchise operations are run in Canada. This handy book is complete with legal tips, charts, and sample documents; it’s a must-have for any franchisor or any practitioner practising in this area of law.

ISBN: 9780433462736
Number of Pages: 664

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 Franchising Demystified by Wayne Maillet
By Wayne Maillet

Whether you are considering getting into a franchise, or have made the commitment, Franchising Demystified provides you with a deep understanding of the franchisee-franchisor relationship. This definitive franchise handbook provides you with the tools to effectively assess the right franchise opportunity for you and then maximize your return on investment.

Loaded with practical tips, Franchising Demystified helps you:

  • Identify the best franchise opportunities
  • Determine if franchising is right for you
  • Fully understand your rights under the license model
  • Improve and build upon the franchisee-franchisor relationship
  • Succeed and grow a successful, profitable business

Real-life examples let you learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. Franchising Demystified is a must read for anyone considering buying a franchise or currently a franchisee!

ISBN: 978-1-4602-5398-4
Number of Pages: 160

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By David N. Kornhauser, MBA, LLB, and Michael A. Kleinman, JD

Franchising as a form of business relationship is a prominent fixture in canadian society. Given the prevalence of franchising in the canadian economy, it is surprising how little is understood of the franchise relationship by franchisees. The first part of the publication explains the business and legal considerations involved from both a franchisor’s perspective and a franchisee’s perspective. A franchisee association can equalize the bargaining power and the economic and informational disparities between a franchisor and its franchisees. The benefits, and the mechanics, of forming a franchise association are considered in the second part of the publication.

ISBN: 978-0-7798-3637-6
Number of Pages: 254, including Appendices

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Great Canadian Franchise Stories
By Felicia Pizzonia with Dawn Mucci

Whether you are running a marathon, or brewing up a new business, the “Great Canadian Franchise Stories” will inspire you to accomplish your dreams! This amazing book harvests the candid secrets of Canada’s most accomplished franchisors and their climb to the top. Learn what common characteristics they share, how they surmounted the unimaginable, and how they turned belief in themselves into success. Surrender your preconceived notions and journey with this eclectic group of entrepreneurs through their states of principles with simplicity and clarity. You’ll find that their inspiring success stories will motivate your heart and psyche into taking that leap of faith into your evolutionary path.

ISBN: 978-0-615-72169-9
Number of pages: 174

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