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Mentoring: The Power of Partnerships

Canadian Franchise Association Franchise Mentor Program

As a franchisor, you know how powerful strong partnerships can be. Just as the franchisor-franchisee relationship is one of mutual benefit, so is the relationship between a mentor and mentee. Uncover the benefits on both sides of the relationship:

Mentee Mentor
Gain valuable advice and learn best practices from an established franchisor Give back to the franchise community by helping a newer franchisor succeed
Learn from the experience of a franchise industry veteran Raise your profile as an established, successful franchise expert
Expand your franchise industry network Build your coaching skills while gaining insight into the fresh new ideas of newer franchisors
Gain confidence from having someone in your corner who can act as a sounding board for your ideas Contribute to the overall strength and credibility of franchising in Canada


What our mentees and mentors are saying…


“To be able to get advice and guidance from more established franchisors that have paved the way and learned from their own hindsight is invaluable to me.”
– Kristen Wood, CEO & Creator, The Ten Spot and Zor-2-Zor Mentee


“While the primary intent of the program may be to provide an opportunity for early stage franchisors to learn from more experienced franchisors, the reverse is also true; established franchisors can benefit by gaining insight into the fresh thinking of newer emerging franchisors.”
– Brian Leon, Managing Director, Choice Hotels and Zor-2-Zor Mentor


“As a new franchisor I found myself spinning with certain aspects of my business due to the fact I had not had any franchise experience in my lifetime. This has given me a chance to bounce ideas off my mentor. He has certainly saved me thousands of dollars, time and ultimately stress.”
– Kim Watt-Senner, President & Director, Everything Organized and Zor-2-Zor Mentee


“For the mentor, Zor-2-Zor allows you to share and help others and feel good about contributing to the success of franchising in Canada.”
– Wayne Maillet, President, Franchise Specialists and Zor-2-Zor Mentor


 “It’s great value for our membership fee that we can tap into the expertise of veteran franchisors through this program. For us, this is the most tangible benefit we have enjoyed from our CFA membership so far.”
– Stefan Wiesen, Director, Intrigue Media and Zor-2-Zor Mentee


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