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About Zor-2-Zor Mentor Program

Canadian Franchise Association Franchise Mentor Program

Zor-2-Zor: Franchise Coach in Your Corner, CFA’s member driven Mentor Program is an exclusive opportunity for new and emerging franchisors to learn best practices and strategies for success directly from established CFA member franchise systems.

Whether you’ve just started franchising or are in the early stages of growth or you are an established franchisor and are looking for a way to give back to the franchise community, Zor-2-Zor is your exclusive opportunity work together with some of Canada’s best known franchise systems to help strengthen the franchise industry.

Mentee opportunities are open to CFA members entering their second consecutive year of membership (or who have joined on the two-year introductory membership bundle). Mentor placements are open to franchisors with 5+ years’ experience and franchise consultants with 8+ years’ experience.

Mentors will be assigned one Mentee – subject to the Mentor’s approval – for a one year term. Over the course of the term, the Mentor will be required to provide 12-15 hours to his/her Mentee via telephone and/or email.  In-person meetings may be arranged at the discretion of the Mentor and Mentee.

Mentors and Mentees will be required to complete a brief survey about their experience at the three month, six month and completion stage of their Mentorship. This information will be used to help CFA further develop the program to identify additional areas of opportunity for CFA members.


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