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Member Communications

CFA keeps members in the loop and ahead of the curve, providing timely information through our free member communications. Join CFA today and stay up to date on:

  • Important industry news you need to be aware of, including legislative and policy developments
  • Resource articles to help you improve your franchise operations
  • Media and other opportunities that will help you get exposure for your brand
  • Upcoming CFA events and programs

All CFA members can opt-in to receive the following communications:

  • The FranchiseVoice – CFA’s member magazine featuring in-depth articles on franchise industry trends and best practices written by franchise experts from CFA’s membership. Also features the latest news and happenings at CFA.
  • E-Newsworthy – this e-publication serves as a companion piece to The FranchiseVoice to keep CFA members up-to-date and apprised of trends and developments in franchising in Canada.
  • Member Bulletins –up-to-the-minute alerts on important developments that could impact your business
  • CFA Updater – CFA’s monthly e-newsletter for the franchise community designed to keep you informed and up to date on CFA events and educational programs.
  • Opportunity Knocks – Requests for interviews, speakers, participants and panellists from organizations like media outlets, offices of economic development and chambers of commerce, distributed to CFA members as they arise.


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