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Awards of Excellence and Franchisees’ Choice Designation

There are three ways to benefit from the CFA Awards Program:

Awards of Excellence

Grand Prize
The entrant with the highest overall numeric score is awarded the CFA Award of Excellence in Franchising Grand Prize. This is the most-coveted and prestigious award presented by the Canadian Franchise Association. The statue awarded to the Grand Prize Winner features two figures stepping in unison, symbolizing a franchisor and franchisee moving forward together.

Category Awards
The CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising program includes four categories to enable franchise systems to be rated against their peers. Within these groups, entrants are grouped based on the length of time the franchise system has been operating. These categories reflect the wide range of franchise opportunities in today’s marketplace and create an even playing field for the ranking of each entry. There are three possible placements within each category: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The categories are as follows:

  • Traditional Franchises (i.e. brick and mortar locations) – New/Emerging (franchising 3 – 10 years)
  • Traditional Franchises (i.e. brick and mortar locations) – Mature/Established (franchising 11+ years)
  • Non-Traditional Franchises (i.e. mobile, home-based, etc) – New/Emerging (franchising 3 – 10 years)
  • Non-Traditional Franchises (i.e. mobile, home-based, etc) – Mature/Established (franchising 11+ years)

Franchisees’ Choice Designation

Franchisees’ Choice designees are entrants whose scores exceed the benchmark in the Franchisees’ Choice competition. These designees will establish a list of Canadian franchises that have received solid rankings in franchisee satisfaction. A list of Franchisees’ Choice designees will be released by CFA to the media and are published on the CFA website as well as in an issue of FranchiseCanada magazine. Designees are ranked equally and appear alphabetically on the list. The exposure from being on the list will enhance your company profile by increasing awareness of your franchise system’s success with franchisee relations. This will assist in attracting the best and most-qualified prospective franchisees.

Everyone wins with the report

A comprehensive benchmarking report is available for a modest fee. This optional report is a powerful benchmarking tool that compares your own responses to the aggregate of your franchisees PLUS provides comparisons to all franchisee responses in the same category and all franchisee responses in all categories. Those who use the report incorporate it into their planning, franchisee meetings and conferences and regular participants find it helpful to compare year-to-year changes. Newer systems – those franchising for at least one year – can participate in the Benchmarking program but are NOT eligible for the Awards Program.


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