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If you’re franchising or offering services to the franchise industry in Canada, you should be a member of the Canadian Franchise Association, the only national trade association for franchising in Canada. Here are five immediate benefits you get when you join CFA and gain access to our exclusive member programs, events, publications and lead generation vehicles:

  1. Industry Credibility. CFA is the most trusted source for information on franchising in Canada and many prospective franchisees and franchisors look for the CFA Member logo when searching for franchise opportunities and service providers. By joining CFA, you’re publicly declaring your commitment to franchise excellence and elevating your company alongside over 700 corporate members who have pledged the same.
  2. Lead Generation. Only CFA offers a full multimedia suite of lead generation solutions including websites, tradeshows, magazines, e-newsletters and special programs to help you find your next franchisee or franchise industry client.
  3. Advocacy. It won’t matter how successful your company is if Canada’s business environment becomes hostile to franchising. Acting alone, you might not have the time or resources to monitor and respond to legislative threats; that’s where CFA comes in. Only CFA pro-actively advocates on behalf of the franchise industry, working with government, media and the public to protect, enhance and promote franchising.
  4. Education. Benefit from the collective knowledge of CFA’s extensive membership through live events, webinars, articles, white papers and a free mentoring program, all led by the industry’s leading franchisors and experts.
  5. Member Savings Program. You and your franchisees and employees can save thousands of dollars on expenses like shipping, payment processing, security and more through CFA’s group savings program.

Member Testimonials:

“CFA’s commitment to the franchising community is the draw for our company. They advocate, educate and support franchising, which enables many to fulfill their dreams as business owners.” – Bobbi Sullivan, Mr. Rooter

“By joining the CFA, we were able to learn in hyper-mode what would have taken years of trial and error.” – Greg Lawrie, Pro Fleet Care Franchising

“One of the best values is the peer to peer interaction and mentorship opportunities, not to mention the credibility of being part of an association that promotes best practices in the industry and follows a code of ethics.” – Dawn Mucci, Lice

“Complete range of services and comprehensive data for the Canadian franchise industry… all overseen by knowledgeable and friendly staff who are clearly willing to help.” – Pino Di Ioia, BeaverTails Canada

“CFA is more than just an association. We discovered a variety of products and services, from advocacy to finding a fantastic franchise lawyer, partnering with a terrific mentor and more.” – Roland Smitas, Life Transitions Services

“It’s a place where we can gain insights on the issues specific to Canadian franchising, and network with suppliers who understand our needs. It’s a wonderful association.” – Aubrey Huber, Postcard Portables

“By utilizing the resources that are available through the CFA, franchisors can have a definite advantage in growing a successful franchise brand.” – Gerry Docherty, Good Earth Cafes Ltd.

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