Why Women Are Finding Success in Franchising

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, here’s a look at why more and more women are stepping into the world of franchising and are finding success as entrepreneurs.

  1. They’re Natural Multitaskers: Let’s face it: women tend to be great at multitasking. Although a generalization, there’s a large number of women that have to juggle a host of priorities that can include everything from raising a family to excelling in the workplace. From managing employees to conducting administrative tasks, small business owners have multifaceted roles, which makes multitasking an invaluable skill.
  2. They Understand the Importance of Being a Team player: Women tend to be nurturing and supportive, a necessary skill as a franchisee who is often required to network and communicate with franchisors, customers and support suppliers. Everyone wants to work with a boss that makes them feel valued, supported and encouraged, which typically makes women great franchisees.
  3. They’re Flexible: On the Franchise Canada Chats Podcast, one of the reasons why the founder of Tan on the Run, Nicole Hyatt, started a mobile tanning salon was because it allowed her to set her own hours to take care of her son – a choice most full-time salaried employees are not afforded. This is a large motivating factor for an increasing number of women and why many are finding long-term success in franchising as a career path. Essentially, franchising allows women to work without sacrificing family time.

Don’t miss the interview with Nicole on the Franchise Canada Chats Podcast to learn more about why women are a perfect match for franchising and how you can pave your own way towards success in franchising too.