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STEP 1: Explore – You can search our franchise listings by company name, investment level, industry, available locations, and more. Refine your search at any time by using the “Custom Search” feature at the top of each page. Simply define your criteria and click “Find!” to pull up a list of franchises that match your query. To review a company listing, click on the company name in the search results.

STEP 2: Select a Franchise – Found a franchise that interests you? Check the “Request Information” box, which can be found in the right-hand corner of each listing preview or in the red bar within each listing. Checking the “Request Information” box will add the company to your Information Request Form (located at the top right hand side of the search results page). Once you’ve selected a franchise, you can either proceed to Step 3 or keep searching to select more franchises to add to your Information Request Form.

STEP 3: Request Information – Once you’re finished searching and have selected all of the franchises that interest you, fill out the Information Request Form. You can review and edit the companies you’ve selected at the bottom of the form before you submit. Click “Request Information” to complete the process.

Want to make the information request process even easier? Register as a user of LookforaFranchise.ca by Building a Profile. When you Build a Profile, the information you provide in your basic profile will automatically fill in the Information Request Form every time you log in.

As you begin your search for a franchise, remember that conducting proper due diligence is a vital aspect to a successful franchise investigation process. Request more information from every franchise opportunity and thoroughly review the information you receive. Visit the Franchise Resource centre to learn more about franchise due diligence, support services and other franchise resources.

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