Unity Rd.

Unity Rd. is the first to bring the cannabis dispensary franchise model to the United States—with duality of prowess in both industries to back it up. Built up from the legacy of a 10-plus year, award-winning Colorado dispensary and infused with decades of franchise experience, the company offers the safest way for entrepreneurs to enter a challenging industry that boasts unrivaled potential. Franchise partners utilize its deep network of seasoned experts, trusted resources, turnkey blueprint and ongoing support to confidently operate dispensaries that are compliant and profitable. Unity Rd. currently has multiple agreements signed with more than 10 entrepreneurial groups across the United States for development in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts and Ohio, among other states. The franchise can develop in states where adult-use (recreational) and medicinal cannabis are legal.

Franchise Fee :
$100k for one unit
Investment Required :
$1-2.5 million
Corporate Units :

USA: 3
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