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Have you ever wished you had a Shopping Assistant that would help you locate which LOCAL stores has the best price on a product or service, and then receive deals from other stores on the things that you are looking for? Well, we have made it come true! It's called the Super Shopper and it is the new local search engine that guarantees you the BEST selection on what you are looking for.

For Businesses, Super Shopper offers a great alternative to conventional advertising and can save each business up to 90% on advertising costs. Businesses can add an unlimited number of items to our database, complete with pictures, prices and descriptions, for only $5.00 a month (introductory offer). As a bonus, Local businesses can send shoppers notifications of deals on the products and services that they are looking for. It is money well spent to target local shoppers, searching for real products, rather to spend massive amounts of advertising dollars on the hopes that a random shopper might see your ad.

Using the Shopping Assistant is easy; Type in the product or service that you are looking for, and the app will show which LOCAL stores have the best prices. It doesn't stop there, Super Shopper will then let you compare those products with similar ones from National Businesses, so you can chose the product that's best for you, and you can do all of this from 1 website.

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