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Massage Addict is the country's largest and fastest growing provider of hands-on theraputic services including massage, acupuncture and reflexology. With locations from coast to coast, Massage Addict is 100% Canadian owned and operated. The Massage Addict unique business model offers consistent and predictable recurring revenue (~80% of treatments paid by insurance), low investment and start-up costs and a quick ROI. Single and multi-unit locations available.

Franchise Fee :
Start-Up Capital Required :
Investment Required :
$200K - $275K
Franchise Units :
Canada: 87
Corporate Units :
Canada: 7
In Business Since :
Franchising Since :
CFA Member Since :
Training :
Weekly calls leading up to the opening / ~Two weeks in person (pre and post opening) / Ongoing support after opening
Available Territories :

Here’s how opening a Massage Addict clinic adds up to success: Massage Addict is the country’s largest and fastest growing therapeutic provider with locations from coast to coast. 100% Canadian owned and operated, this unique business model offers consistent, predictable recurring revenue (~80% of treatments paid by insurance), low investment and start-up costs and a quick ROI. Ours is a proven business concept that fulfills a market gap: the need for high quality, affordable massage therapy, acupuncture and reflexology treatments. There are opportunities for both single and multi-location ownership. The Massage Addict support system: Our knowledgeable corporate team has over 130 years of combined experience in Canadian health and wellness/retail/franchise based businesses. But, what does that mean for you? It means they have the expertise and experience to support you through the process of becoming a successful business owner. The team is 100% focused on helping you at all phases of your journey – from the moment you become a Massage Addict Franchise Partner to the day you open and beyond! Some of the areas in which we offer both initial and on-going support are: real estate selection, operations/sales and customer service training, recruiting direction and support, operational procedures/policies and local marketing. Massage Therapy: A Growing Industry More than 35% of Canadians have tried Massage Therapy

  • Benefits: Employers have incorporated massage therapy and acupuncture into their employee benefit programs in order to offset worker rehab and compensation costs.
  • On the rise: More than 35% of Canadians have tried massage therapy— up 12% over the past 10 years. It’s the leading non-traditional form of health care therapy.

What do our Massage Addict Franchise Partners say? "We are excited to be part of a Canadian franchise success story. We were attracted by the opportunity to join a Canadian franchise focused on health — that was relatively affordable and recession-proof. The model fits a niche that offers clients quality care at a reasonable price and offers us consistent and predictable revenue. It is a simple and effective business model that works." - Beth Pond, Multi-Unit Franchise Partner, NB

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