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 As a franchise partner of 3rd Degree Training, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you by creating a fitness program that brings results both for your clients and your business. We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to perfect our business model and by doing so we’ve also learned from our mistakes so that you don’t have to.

Franchise Fee :
$25K - $60K
Investment Required :
$50K - $175K
Franchise Units :
Canada: 7
Corporate Units :
Canada: 1
In Business Since :
Franchise Since :
CFA Member Since :
Training :
5-7 days in Corporate headquarters - Stratford P.E.I.
Available Territories :
All of Canada, US

 3rd Degree Training grew out of co-founders Steve and Pam Collete’s personal journey into living a healthier lifestyle. After trying a variety of programs and trainers, they identified that a gap existed in the fitness world for a program that could appeal to anyone and everyone. From there, 3rd Degree Training was born and has been impacting and changing the lives of its members and franchise partners ever since.


From group HIIT classes, personal training, small group training to weight circuits, there is truly something for everyone at 3rd Degree Training. From trained athletes to complete beginners, we’ve designed our programs to push each individual to their own personal limits while in a welcoming group atmosphere.

We’ve always believed that when you combine healthy eating habits with exercise, it can’t not work. This is why we decided to combine our fitness programs with our sister brand Actual Nutrition.


As we have built and grown our franchise system over the last number of years, franchisee support has been of utmost importance to provide. When you know better, you do better, and it benefits everyone when we provide our franchise partners with the tools and knowledge to be able to excel in their businesses.

We look forward to meeting you!




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