Konz Pizza...in a Cone®

Konz Pizza…in a cone® was founded by Kris Lawrie, an experienced chef with a passion for food and innovation. “Let’s face it the pizza slice has never been a great way to eat pizza on the go. It’s flimsy, floppy and almost impossible to eat without making a mess”. What’s the solution?...Pizza in a cone of course. No mess, no spills, great for today’s active lifestyles and best of all they are ‘kid approved’.

Konz Pizza…in a cone has created an incredible business model for both entrepreneurs and experienced restaurant owners alike. Our system is a proven concept that offers flexibility, ease of operation, full training, a turnkey business and great profit margins! Plus, it is fun! Our team has been in the fast food industry, all over the world, for over 30 years, and that experience is put to use for you. We know that pizza outsells every other food on the planet 4:1, and in an increasingly fast pace environment, Konz Pizza…in a cone has identified a way to get pizza to the consumer in a way that's comfortable, convenient, affordable and tasty. Pizza is still #1 in the world and now more than ever innovation is critical. Konz is giving people a new reason to choose one business over the other.

Konz is aiming to become top of the express sector by dominating three key trends; Innovation, Fresh/Healthy Options and Convenience.

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Konz Pizza is uniquely positioned, in the quick serve restaurant market, as a fresh new concept taking advantage of the ‘on the go’ lifestyle of today’s busy Canadian families. From the initial selection of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, to our proprietary cone crust, secret sauce recipe, and the patented cooking process, Konz is completely unique from any other pizza concept in Canada today.




Konz Pizza in a Cone partners are trained and inspired business professionals and part of a family of owners, that are growing a memorable brand. They are backed by decades of quick service and restaurant industry experience, a system that perfectly positions them in the rapidly growing QSR food service industry, and a team of Head Office support personnel that is committed to only one thing: their success.

Konz Pizza in a Cone proudly stands as one of the most diverse and interesting QSR franchise opportunities in Canada. The growth of Konz is further proof of our commitment to every member in the partnership family. Commencing franchise operations just three years ago in early 2017, Konz Pizza now has operations in all 4 western Canadian provinces – with more on the way!

If you are looking to get established in the quick serve restaurant industry with a brand that stands for quality in all segments of its operations? Look no further than Konz Pizza in a Cone.

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