Holy Falafel

Canada's leading and only healthy fresh high-quality modern fast-casual Middle Eastern QSR brand - Holy Falafel. Looking for a profitable flexible growing innovative business longterm for yourself, but not by yourself? Customers in markets across the country are beating a path to our very busy stores that are lined up daily, and not because we are slow! Holy Falafel's proven high quality fast franchise system combines state-of-the-art professional North American Operations backed by industry leading executive expertise.

Franchise Fee :
Start-Up Capital Required :
70% liquid capital
Investment Required :
$125K - $375K
Franchise Units :
Canada: 1
Corporate Units :
Canada: 1
In Business Since :
Franchising Since :
CFA Member Since :
Training :
6-8 weeks in store
Available Territories :
Holy Falafel Ingredients


Holy Falafel has been in the business of providing fresh, flavourful, healthy high quality fast-casual food for more than 40 yrs. Our unique style of attentive service and cooking custom made-to-order food on-the-go with fire-grilled rotisseries was a first in Western Canada. We are now one of the most popular, modern, and successful growing healthy-choice, fit-life-style brands in Canada. Holy Falafel restaurants are experiencing explosive growth, high sales productivity, excellent return on investment, and are available in a mall, food truck, and street front design. We are highly focused and committed to disrupting the same old boring fast-food landscape here in Canada. We believe in social and corporate responsibility, and in changing our communities for the better, one falafel at a time. Dream Bigger.

Holy Falafel is what Healthy Fresh Fast-Casual is all About

We prepare hot, fast and delicious flavourful exotic food in a traditional yet modern Lebanese-fusion style, locking in the goodness of the freshest REAL ingredients. Our gas infra-red fire-grill rotisseries sear the ingredients, and seal in the moisture and flavour while creating a melt in your mouth crispy exterior.



Our chefs prepare everything fresh from scratch with only the finest local real ingredients. We do not use any preservatives, chemicals, or MSG. We offer low sodium, low sugar, low fat, gluten free, no cholesterol, menu options, and we are family and kid-friendly! Our healthy innovative industry leading menu is also 75% vegetarian and vegan, and HALAL is an available option for our stores depending on location demographics.

We’re Famous For Our Black Shawarma™ and Fast Falafels

Holy Falafel’s signature fire-grilled Black Shawarma™ Chicken is created from a very special and unique time-tested recipe that goes back many 1000s of years. This delicious tender meat is marinated fresh daily in each restaurant, and then grilled to order and served on a variety of our menu options. We’ve also mastered the fine art of the falafel, and our namesake Fast Falafels™ are second to none.



Built for Smart Growth

Holy Falafel offers an exciting business opportunity for talented and hardworking entrepreneurial individuals with a passion and detail for excellence. We are only interested in opening successful restaurants that meet or beat both Holy Falafel’s, and our Franchisees’ business objectives. We are very selective in the number of restaurants we open, where they are located, and in the quality people we choose as our franchise partners, to ensure a smart and successful prosperous long-term growth strategy.



Why Choose a Holy Falafel Franchise?

Becoming a Holy Falafel franchisee partner is an investment in your future and in your success. We excel in the key areas of a building and managing a successful, modern, professional business, including:

• Superior, Consistent Products
Holy Falafel offers the highest quality, freshly prepared REAL food in the quick service (QSR) industry lead by our innovative signature products. Our consistently delivered Ethnic Middle Eastern cuisine with better-than-expected customer service, is also a projected strong growth category in Canada, fueled by its increasing popularity in the marketplace due to our country’s rapidly changing demographics and eating preferences.

• Well Established Lifestyle Brand and Corporate Culture
The professional Holy Falafel brand and diverse marketing platform is well recognized and received by consumers, offering a very competitive and proven efficient franchising system. We are committed to corporate and social responsibility in our company’s DNA. Well marketed Holy Falafel is focused and dedicated to our core beliefs to changing our communities for the better, one falafel at a time.

• Excellent Operational and Service Performance
Holy Falafel Franchisees have enjoyed a strong record of success and profitability and have seen many quarters and YOY same store sales growth in Western Canada. This is simply unheard of in the industry. Our competitors cannot and do not match our high quality consistent levels of operational execution and service.

• Competition & Market Position
With no competitors in the upscale QSR Fast-Casual Middle Eastern category, Holy Falafel is strongly and uniquely well positioned for continued market-wide growth. Holy Falafel is known for being a healthy lifestyle choice on-the-go offering a fresh REAL alternative to traditional fast food, and appeals to the ever-growing category of health-conscious customers looking for a customizable quick high quality healthy meal on the go.

• Comprehensive Training & Support
Holy Falafel provides personal hands on support from our dedicated franchise team with a five-week extensive hands on in-store training program and continued operational support. Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We are there to help you succeed. We do it Right.

We’ve gone way back to the Past, to bring you the Future of Fast Casual. Bringing the ‘donair’ into this Millennium. Real Food. Real Flavour. Real Service. Fast. Holy Falafel.

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