Feels Like Friday Brands

Our Franchise Partners have the drive and passion to take control of their future. Our service brands are designed for HANDS ON guys and gals. We have revolutionized the Service Based industry. Our Franchise Partners no longer need to worry about Marketing, Answering Calls, Equipment, Pricing etc... It's all taken care of. They can focus on Building Their Business, all from their phone or tablet. It's that easy!


Taking over the Service Industry in a big way, become part of the family for under $30-$50K!

GORILLA PROPERTY SERVICES (Franchising since 2016…24 Franchise Partners!)

TOODALOO PEST & WILDIFE CONTROL (Franchising since 2017…4 Franchise Partners!)

EENIE, MEENIE, MINY MOW! LANDSCAPING (Just Released 2019…2 Franchise Partners!)

We have revolutionized Canada's the industry, allowing you to run 100% of the business digitally from your phone or tablet. All our brands have absolutely everything you need to get crackin’ from Day 1. Protected territories, Super Fun Culture, High Margins, Low Overhead, Marketing and Support, Support, Support!!!!!! We aren’t going to bore you with miles and miles of content to read, just click on the Feels Like Friday Brand that you think suits you best and get ready to change your life!

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