Speedy Auto Service

As part of Fix Network, Canada’s largest automotive aftermarket services provider, Speedy Auto Service has been proudly serving customers for over 60 years. Speedy is a trusted brand that consumers have come to rely on for their automotive repair and maintenance needs. Year after year, Speedy Auto Service franchisees increase their revenues and build equity in their business. As one of the most iconic brands in Canada, At Speedy, You’re a Somebody continues to resonate today.

Franchise Fee :
Start-Up Capital Required :
Investment Required :
$100K-$300K apx.
Franchise Units :
Canada: 66
Corporate Units :
Canada: 2
In Business Since :
Franchising Since :
CFA Member Since :
Training :
3-6 weeks
Available Territories :
All of Canada

At Speedy You’re a Somebody and Your Car is Too!

Iconic Brand
Speedy Auto Service is a long-standing, trusted brand that Canadians have some to rely on for their automotive repair and maintenance needs. Having been in business for over 60 years, Speedy franchise owners increase their revenues and build equity in their businesses year after year. Speedy Auto Service is part of the Fix Automotive Network which is Canada’s largest automotive aftermarket services provider. With over 70 locations across the country and growing, Speedy is looking for new partners with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and vision.

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Industry Leading Innovation
Vehicle technology evolves and so does Speedy Auto Service. Innovation drives the Speedy brand and helps franchise owners grow and succeed well into the future. The Speedy Zone is the newest offering to customers and a first in the industry. The Speedy Zone is a drive-thru diagnostic system providing an accurate, laser scanned printed assessment of a vehicle’s health in mere minutes. With varying diagnostic elements from wheel alignment to tire wear, brake testers and more, this free no obligation service is a true value for the customer promoting confidence in required repairs.

Partnering with Speedy Auto Service
Choosing Speedy means choosing a true partnership. Speedy provides you:

  • An Exclusive Territory
  • Creative & Targeted Marketing & Branding Solutions
  • Custom Speedy Operational & Management Software
  • A Dedicated Operational Support Manager
  • Extensive Operational Training Program
  • Established Supplier Relationships & Buying Power

No matter how much automotive technology advances and driving habits change, vehicles will still need to be repaired and maintained. That’s where Speedy’s commitment to continued innovation and customer focused service offerings will help ensure the success of franchise owners for years to come.

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Directly From Our Partners
“Since becoming a member of the Speedy team, I have found the support from the head office downward to be fantastic as well as the loyalty among my clientele to the Speedy brand to be exceptional.”
Biju Abraham – Speedy Auto Service franchise owner in Edmonton, Alberta.

“My experience with Speedy has been great and I receive positive support from head office. There is national buying power that helps us increase profitability and allows us to extend savings to our customers.”
Andy Arbuckle – Speedy Auto Service multi-shop franchise owner with locations in Ontario & Quebec.

Contact us to find out more on how you can become part of this storied iconic brand and driving it forward into the future!

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