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Ami Tea & Sub Concept provide Family Oriented Casual Dining and Take Away outlets to customers in an atmosphere and manner that has been carefully developed by Franchisor using the System and the Ami Tea. Ami is a symbol of friendship. Drink Ami bubble tea, have fun, enhance collaborative, and enjoy delicious taste. Explore a variety of bubble tea combinations using Ami teas and pearl toppings, crystal boba and be well on customer way to making their own awesome dessert. Vietnamese sub is the food brand of Ami Tea & Sub which serve famous authentic Vietnamese cuisine to the world. What make us different? A M I T E A Accessible: Our business model is simple and perfect for family oriented casual dining and take away outlets Mutual: We commit to build the business together with our partners and optimize kitchen capacity through every connection with local delivery channels. Inspiring: We would love to introduce delicious and healthy Taiwanese Bubble Milk tea and world famous authentic Vietnamese submarine. Trustworthy: we build a reliable, responsible, and trusted relationship with our clients, vendors and business partners. Excellent: We provide premium sourcing material quality, excellent service. Amicable: We commit a professional environment and promote Amity - AMITEA culture in community. Ami Tea Fresh Tea, Best Friend!

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