Meet the Millennials: They’re young, they’re hungry to build something they can call their own, and they’re here! Learn what this new generation of young entrepreneurs is up to, and get an idea of what the future of franchising could look like straight from these young franchisees themselves.

Here’s what else you can find in this issue of FranchiseCanada:

Coffee Across Canada: We rounded up some the top coffee franchises to give you an overview of some of the finest coffee franchisees around.
All in the Family: Hear from some franchisees who embarked on owning a franchise with those closest to them, and what it means to keep the business in the family.
Pubs and Bars: If owning a business that services thirsty customers is your goal, then take a look at the brands FranchiseCanada highlights in this issue.
Franchise Fees: Becoming a part of any franchise system means paying franchisee fees, as outlined in your franchise agreement. From an initial deposit to ongoing marketing fees, find out what you need to pay, and what your money is going to be used for in this helpful guide.
Dispelling Franchise Myths: There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about what franchising is and how it works. FranchiseCanada breaks down some common myths about franchising and gives you the low down on what’s franchise fact and franchise fiction.

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