With a New Year comes a look at what’s new in franchising. FranchiseCanada’s January/February issue, now on newsstands, breaks down some of the key types of franchise systems you can expect to see in 2016, as well as some specific trends in the restaurant industry.

Mobile Franchises
More and more franchisors are offering the option for franchisees to be mobile. This allows them to differentiate themselves and cater to the needs of the customer in a way that the physical location can’t. Also, without a fixed location, there is typically a lower operating cost. With a mobile location, you’re able to reach the customer wherever they are, giving you an edge over your competitors. This category is ideal for the franchisee who doesn’t want to sit in an office all day and wants to be out meeting people and going to different locations.

Home Improvement
Home improvement is on the rise! With listings in this category up 62.9% from 2010 levels, this is an exciting time to join this sector. Whether home owners are sprucing up their home getting ready to sell, or if they’re just renovating for their own enjoyment, these services are in demand. This sector is appealing to franchisees because they don’t always require a physical location and there’s typically little inventory to carry, which keeps fixed costs low.

Restaurant Trends
Restaurants are a huge part of the franchising industry and have a variety of trends ranging from sustainability to a demand for healthy options.

  • Convenience – Consumers are constantly on the go – and busier than ever! According to a 2010 Agri-Food and Agriculture Canada study, “The trend towards convenience is long-standing and shows no sign of abating.”
  • Creative menus – Increasingly, restaurants are providing unique menu options to distinguish themselves and stand out from the competition. The current market is customer-driven, with customers expecting more variety and bang for their buck. Creativity in this market is a huge trend due to restaurants trying to differentiate themselves in a very competitive industry. New meal alternatives to the basic burger, like poutine, are gaining in popularity, too.
  • Health – According to The Canadian Restaurants and Foodservices Association, 29 per cent of Canadians say that healthy choices are important to them when dining out, meaning you can expect to see more healthy concepts popping up in 2016.
  • Sustainability – More consumers are taking an interest in where their food comes from. Not only is locally-sourced, sustainable food fresher, it keeps money in the community and reduces the emissions from food production and transportation.
  • Authenticity – With so many restaurants to choose from, consumers are moving towards cuisine that represents an authentic experience with flavorful traditional food prepared using time-honored methods.

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