What is the Eco Insulation franchise concept?

Eco Insulation is the only full-service insulation franchise business in Canada. It’s a Canadian company, for Canadian climates, with a tried-and-true model for what works.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to generate sales leads through social media and the internet, but also through other sources in our partner network.

We also provide:

  • Purchasing power
  • High-demand scalable service
  • Full training and certification
  • Proprietary technology
  • The “green” advantage
  • Eco Sales Lead-Driver program
  • A team to provide support

The insulation industry in Canada is growing, so it’s a great time for franchisees to come on board with Eco Insulation. The insulation industry is a $1.9 billion market, experiencing 6 per cent growth year over year, and is projected to be a $2.6 billion market by 2019, as millions of homes are under-insulated.

As the Building Code gets ever stricter for air tightness and energy efficiency, we provide the convenience of one call to get spray foam, cellulose, and fibreglass insulation and air sealing. Our franchise also taps into the strength of the booming renovation market, which has topped new construction spend for the last two years running.

In addition, government grants and incentives are available for homeowners, making insulation upgrades a ready market, and Eco Insulation is positioned to help homeowners deal with the new 2019 resale home EnerGuide requirements.

What sets the Eco Insulation franchise concept apart?

Eco Insulation has taken a white-collar approach to a blue-collar profession. Franchisees have access to Eco Insulation’s customer lead generation, superior sales strategy, time-saving technology, digital marketing and social media, and a recession-resistant business model.

Eco Insulation is unique in that it provides one call for a range of services, including retrofit homes, renovations and additions, new builds, light commercial, institutional, industrial, agricultural, and net zero ready homes.

While Eco Insulation installs all types of building envelope solutions, we’re particularly fond of the Closed Cell Spray Foam solution because it:

  • Provides an air barrier, vapour barrier, and thermal barrier, all in one step
  • Requires professional, certified installers to achieve quality results
  • Fixes a multitude of issues in new construction and existing builds
  • Doesn’t require any call-backs
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Provides strong gross margins

What kind of lifestyle can an Eco Insulation franchisee expect?

For the most part, we dance in the construction industry. Our sales targets are residential homes and what we call “light residential,” which is defined as three storeys or less. So franchisees are on job sites a lot of the time. There’s always a bit of dependency on projects, but generally speaking, the hours are from 8 to 5, Monday to Friday.

What do you look for in a franchisee?

We’re looking for sales-driven individuals who have strong operational experience and the drive to build and grow a business from the ground up. They don’t need to have industry-specific experience; we can teach them the insulation business. The margins are also high enough that they can hire a manager, if they choose to.

What initial training is involved? What ongoing training and support is provided?

The initial training lasts for one month, with franchisees spending two weeks at our flagship location. The first week is spent on job sites, actually applying the products, and the second week is spent in the office, learning how to manage the business, including the software system. Then two additional weeks of training start the first day that they open up in their own territory of business. We’re there for the whole first two weeks, helping to ensure it’s a smooth transition.

We provide ongoing training from there, along with marketing support – we manage the web in terms of generating leads and web exposure, to make sure there are enough hits in their area, and that the brand is being recognized. We also provide local and national advertising support.

What are the Eco Insulation expansion plans?

The goal is to get up to 50 running franchises in Ontario, and then we’ll start expanding outside of Ontario. The plan is to have 10 up and running by December of this year [2017], and 20 by December of next year [2018].

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