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Top tips for franchise success

9 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Franchise

9 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Franchise Should I invest in a franchise? Here are nine important questions to ask yourself first: Do I have the right personality? Are you OK with following strict rules and procedures? How has rule-following worked for you in the past? Imagine walking into your favourite […]

Why Women Are Finding Success in Franchising

Why Women Are Finding Success in Franchising In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, here’s a look at why more and more women are stepping into the world of franchising and are finding success as entrepreneurs. They’re Natural Multitaskers: Let’s face it: women tend to be great at multitasking. Although a generalization, there’s […]

The Five Best Things about Franchising

The Five Best Things About Franchising Buying a franchise can seem like a big risk but, as Matt Crowell from GetintheLoop pointed out on the Franchise Canada Chats Podcast (click here to listen to the full episode), once the tough questions are answered, franchise ownership can be one of the best pathways to running your […]

Canadian franchise opportunities

Canadian Franchise Opportunities Canadian franchise opportunities come in a vast range of investment levels, industries, and sizes. This diversity is represented by over 78,000 franchise locations operating under the banners of over 1,300 different franchise brands in Canada. Investment in a franchise is hugely popular, with thousands of everyday Canadians turning to franchising each year […]

10 Unique Businesses You Can Own Right Now!

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘franchising’? For many people, food comes to mind – everything from coffee shops, to quick service restaurants, to dining rooms. It’s not surprising that this is a common touch point for franchising in the minds of Canadians, as food franchises make up approximately 40% of […]

Plan Be Your Own Boss: It’s not too late to invest in a franchise

  If you dream of launching a new career as a business owner, buying a franchise could be your best bet. Franchising is one of the most viable ways to run your own profitable business without some of the risks that comes with being an independent business owner. Here are the three biggest reasons why […]

The Franchisees of the Future: Why You Should Consider Franchising in your Youth

    You’ve got the drive, determination and the entrepreneurial spirit, but is it possible for youth, with little business experience or money, to manage a franchise operation successfully? Should young people in their 20s and 30s invest in franchising? Here are four main reasons youth should strongly consider it: 1. Strong Foundation For one, […]

A Franchising Pioneer: Martha Matilda Harper

Known for her trademark floor-length hair, it should come as no surprise that franchise entrepreneur Martha Matilda Harper made her career in the women’s salon industry. Born in 1857 in Oakville, Ontario and set for a life in servitude, Harper’s journey to the hair and beauty business was unpredictable and unlikely for the time. However, […]

3 Franchise Resolutions for 2017

  Many people see the start of a new year as a time to set new goals or re-commit to old ones. If you dream of starting down a new career path as a franchised business owner, here are three resolutions you should stick to you as you embark on your franchise search: 1. Explore […]

Ask a Franchise Consulting Expert: As a franchisee, can I still scratch my entrepreneurial itch?

By: Angela Coté Q: As a franchisee, I understand I will need to follow the rules of the franchise. But can I still scratch my entrepreneurial itch? A: Are you thinking of becoming a franchisee because you consider yourself an entrepreneur? The idea of being in business for yourself, but with the support of a […]