3 Professionals that Make Great Franchisees


While franchising makes it easy for anyone to transition from employee to business owner, there’s no doubt that certain careers are better at preparing you for franchise ownership than others. That’s because over the years, these professionals have acquired specific skills and qualities necessary for running a business effectively.


  1. Military Veterans 

Success in the military is often achieved through the same qualities that translate to success in franchising – discipline, perseverance, commitment and an ability to work within an established system. If you are a Canadian Forces veteran or reservist interested in researching franchise opportunities, the CFA’s Military Veterans Program may be a great fit. Learn more here.

  1. Managers and Team Leaders

If there’s one job that can prepare you for the realities of franchise ownership it would be a management position. True, there are franchise concepts that don’t require you to manage staff. But, a vast majority do need you to hire employees, which makes managers and team leaders, who excel at interviewing candidates, reviewing applications, training staff and managing different personalities, great franchisees.

  1. Sales Executives

From strong communications skills to a customer-centric focus, candidates with a sales background tend to make the perfect franchisees. Most sales executives make their earnings from commission, so, like business owners, they learn early on that they’re paid for their sales output, rather than their time.


Bottom line: While successful franchisees come from a wide array of professional backgrounds, prospective candidates from these backgrounds have developed the skills and qualities that put them at an advantage.