Many people see the start of a new year as a time to set new goals or re-commit to old ones. If you dream of starting down a new career path as a franchised business owner, here are three resolutions you should stick to you as you embark on your franchise search:

1. Explore every opportunity
If you go into your franchise search with your mind already made up about what type of business you want to own, you could miss out on a dream opportunity in an industry you never considered. Franchises exist in virtually every business sector, so make sure you know what’s out there.

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2. Start saving
Now is a good time of year to assess your finances, determine what level of investment you can afford, and start saving to reach your goal. At some point, you’ll want to consult an expert in franchise accounting or financing who can help you calculate your start-up costs and suggest appropriate financing options.

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3. Get out and network
When it comes to getting the information you need and making important industry connections, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. With CFA’s franchise tradeshows coming up in Toronto, Calgary, and Montreal this winter, you can connect with franchisors who are expanding in your area, as well as franchise experts who can answer your questions. Come prepared with a list of questions and be sure to take detailed notes.

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