Iconic Brand: Oxford Learning Centres

January 7, 2019 admin

The kids will be cheering when Alice Cooper sings ‘School’s Out’ in June, little knowing how much that summer break will set them back. Lenka Whitehead, president of Oxford Learning Cen­tres, however, says parents are singing a different song in the fall after report cards come home and they realize [read more…]

Day in the Life: Maid for Franchising Success

January 7, 2019 admin

A typical day for Margaret Hammond is not always so typical. Every now and then, Hammond likes to shake things up, sprinkling the morning huddle (where staff meet to get the day’s cleaning assignments) with some humour. “Sometimes we find a fun video to watch or put a joke up [read more…]

The First Year: He Shoots… He Scores!

January 7, 2019 admin

In a world where consumers are relying more and more on the convenience of mobile businesses to complete their daily errands, it’s surprising that the sports sector hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon. That is until CleanQuip came along. The mobile fran­chise has been disrupting the sports cleaning industry since first [read more…]

Franchising Heroes

January 7, 2019 admin

It’s no wonder that 1 in 7 franchises in the United States are owned by military veterans. Qualities like teamwork, discipline, and the ability to follow a structure are as necessary in the military as they are in franchising. Unfortunately, there aren’t any official Canadian stats related to how many [read more…]

Day in the Life: Prairie Power!

October 22, 2018 admin

What does typical day look like when you own and operate a Panago Pizza franchise? Well, that depends. What day of the week is it? What’s going on in the local community? Is school in or out? What’s the weather like? How long have you been in business? Brandi and [read more…]

The First Year: Nowhere to Go But Up!

October 22, 2018 admin

When Vishal Vaghani immigrated to Canada from India in 2011, he had big dreams. A stu­dent at the time, Vaghani studied Retail Man­agement at Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario before heading west to begin his career and new life in Saskatchewan. It wasn’t long before Vaghani was working as a [read more…]

CFA Membership Helps Forge Franchise Partnerships

October 22, 2018 admin

  At the CFA, we are incredibly proud of the rock-solid franchisor-franchisee relationships that have been forged, in part, by the comprehensive range of lead generation tools that we provide to all of our members. Whether it’s through the pages of this magazine, online, or in person, the CFA is [read more…]

Iconic Brand: M&M Food Market

August 24, 2018 admin

With a unique offering of easy-to-prepare meals coupled with personalized cus­tomer service, the M&M brand has been a welcome guest at dinner tables across Canada for more than 38 years. M&M Meat Shops was born in 1980 in Kitchener, Ontario when founder Mac Voisin had a vision to pro­vide convenient [read more…]

Day in the Life: Side Order of Poutine

August 23, 2018 admin

At Smoke’s Poutinerie, you could say that being Weird, Wild and Wacky is a prereq­uisite for opening your own franchise. The unique Canadian brand, which was founded in 2008 by Ryan Smolkin, has expanded into a national phenomenon with 150 locations and counting across the country. Still, the growing franchise [read more…]

The First Year: Success on the St. Lawrence

August 23, 2018 admin

Alain Simard doesn’t sugarcoat things when talking about those first few months as a franchisee. It can be tough. “Like a very, very heavy storm,” the French-speaking Simard explains through an interpreter. “You have so many new things to learn and manage.” When he started as an A&W franchisee in [read more…]

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