She’s the Boss

February 23, 2020 admin

Female entrepreneurs are on the rise. In 2018, 1,079,000 self-employed women accounted for 37 per cent of all self-employed people, and over 35 per cent of Canadian women rank 1st in their involvement in newer businesses. As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 18, Franchise Canada takes a closer [read more…]

Digital Disruptors

January 6, 2020 admin

Imagine a world where there’s no guessing if your local hair salon will have time for a walk-in. Or, picture a world where you can sell your home without the presence of a real estate agent, or hire a chauffeur service to drive your car, with you managing the process [read more…]

Going Green

January 2, 2020 admin

Environmental sustainability. It’s a big, loaded phrase on the minds of Canadian consumers these days, and restaurants in particular are trying to respond. A recent survey by Restaurants Canada, for instance, reported that eight out of 10 restaurants said environmental sustainability is important to their success. But what does it [read more…]

2020 Franchise Outlook

January 2, 2020 admin

Are you considering franchising as a path to business ownership? If you’re interested in becoming a small business owner with the backing of a franchise system, it’s the perfect time to start making this business dream a reality! With thousands of franchise businesses in communities from one side of the [read more…]

Diverse Tastes

August 26, 2019 admin

Canada is one of the most diverse nations in the world. There’s perhaps no better measure of a nation’s ethnic diversity than its food offerings. Take a stroll down any major street in the country – from Halifax to Vancouver – and you’re sure to find a wide range of [read more…]

Hitting the Sweet Spot

August 26, 2019 admin

Canadians have always had a sweet tooth, and typically we’ve always wanted our desserts after a meal. But new market research shows that’s changing, as we now increasingly see it as an anytime occasion. No wonder there’s been a boom in dessert-specific franchises that can satisfy our cravings when and [read more…]

Packing a Plant-Based Punch

August 26, 2019 admin

Whether it’s to meet dietary restrictions, as part of a lifestyle change, or due to environmental concerns, more and more Canadians are seeking out vegan-friendly food options. As a result, plant-based proteins are popping up on restaurant menus from coast to coast. Some have been serving plant-based products for years, [read more…]

Food Franchising On Wheels

June 24, 2019 admin

Uber Eats. SkipTheDishes. Foodora. The names are becoming as ubiquitous as Nike, Adidas and Converse, and they’re only growing in popular­ity. In 2018, third-party food delivery was an estimated $13 billion business, and by 2030 that could grow to $365 billion globally when you factor in groceries and meal kits, [read more…]

Stay-At-Home Franchising

June 24, 2019 admin

Mobile and home-based franchise options are on the rise. With a lower price point and easy scalability, they’re quickly becoming a popular choice. Here, Franchise Canada profiles three home-based and mobile concepts that help franchisees hit the ground running with low start-up costs and exceptional flexibility. What the Pros Know [read more…]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

February 20, 2019 admin

On March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day, an initiative to hon­our the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women across the world. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, Franchise Canada recognizes the female members of the Canadian franchising community. More and more entrepreneurial women are entering [read more…]

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