Food Franchising On Wheels

June 24, 2019 admin

Uber Eats. SkipTheDishes. Foodora. The names are becoming as ubiquitous as Nike, Adidas and Converse, and they’re only growing in popular­ity. In 2018, third-party food delivery was an estimated $13 billion business, and by 2030 that could grow to $365 billion globally when you factor in groceries and meal kits, [read more…]

Restoration Franchises Across Canada

June 24, 2019 admin

Inclement weather is a Canadian reality. According to Stats Canada, in 2014, more than 12.4 million Canadians aged 15 years and older reported having personally experienced a major emergency or disaster within their community in their lifetime; nearly three in four (73 per cent) indicated that the emergency was significant [read more…]

Franchising Jetsetters

June 24, 2019 admin

It may be the third certainty after death and taxes: that people like to travel. For potential franchisees, investing in a franchise in this niche can mean extending a personal interest as well as uncovering a lucrative market. To illustrate the range of franchises in this space, Franchise Canada profiles [read more…]

Home Inspection Franchises

June 24, 2019 admin

For most Canadians, buying a home is the most important financial decision they’ll ever make. Investing in the housing market is not a decision to be taken lightly. Before making the leap, Canadian home buyers will turn to a professional home inspection service to reveal whether or not the property [read more…]

Stay-At-Home Franchising

June 24, 2019 admin

Mobile and home-based franchise options are on the rise. With a lower price point and easy scalability, they’re quickly becoming a popular choice. Here, Franchise Canada profiles three home-based and mobile concepts that help franchisees hit the ground running with low start-up costs and exceptional flexibility. What the Pros Know [read more…]

Inspecting Homes, Building Trust

June 24, 2019 admin

You know how they always tell you not to show up empty-handed at a friend’s house for dinner? Well, if you’re a Pillar To Post Home Inspector, you never forget the coffee and baked goods when you meet with a real estate agent. So says Dan Steward, President and CEO [read more…]

Promoted Story: Bento Sushi

June 24, 2019 admin

The art of preparing sushi is something traditional sushi chefs spend years perfecting. In sushi’s native Japan, becoming an “itamae” – sushi chef – requires decades of training and apprenticeship. When Canadians think of preparing sushi, they invariably envision a highly-skilled itamae working tirelessly behind the sushi bar of their [read more…]

Promoted Story: GetintheLoop Local

June 10, 2019 admin

As a franchisee with GetintheLoop Local, Kelsi Barclay is part entrepreneur, part treasure hunter. As she helps deliver Canada’s leading mobile marketing technology to businesses in the Calgary marketplace, Barclay has been excited to uncover local shopping gems every single day. “I’ve lived in this city for almost seven years [read more…]

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