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Special Franchise Focus: Retail

No matter the season or the economic climate, Canadians love to shop! In 2018, Statistics Canada reported retail trade sales of $51 billion across Canada in October alone. To put things into perspective, Canada‘s new cannabis retail trade, which is at this point in its infancy, was able to make a small but significant contribution to the retail sector’s overall growth. Cannabis sales totaled $43 million during the two weeks following legalization in mid-October. The retail success of a newly-found Canadian retail sector is proof positive that Canadians are big spenders when it comes to the retail model.

Whether it’s cannabis, clothing, sporting goods, greeting cards, or jewellery, retail franchises are always on the radar for prospective franchisees who are looking to capitalize on Canadians’ spending habits and establish franchise locations that keep bringing customers back for more.

This Special Focus takes a coast to coast look at the wide variety of retail franchise opportunities that are thriving across the country, highlighting why the spending habits of Canadians and their tastes for all kinds of goods makes investing in a retail franchise a smart move.

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