Special Franchise Focus: Full Service Restaurants and Dining Rooms

When it comes to a night out on the town or celebrating a special occasion, Canadians spare no expense. Canadians are big on going out to enjoy a meal, with more than 18-million restaurant visits made every day across the country. A lot of these outings are made to a full service restaurant or dining rooms. Whether they’re looking to dine out with their family for the evening or want to celebrate a, birthday, job promotion, or other milestone, full service restaurant and dining room franchises rise to the occasion, providing hospitality and great tasting fare.

More and more Canadians are dining out, according to Stats Canada. Food services and drinking places sales are rising annually. For 2018, as of August, sales in the food services and drinking were more than $6.1-billion.

This special section takes a closer look at the full service restaurant and dining room franchise category, highlighting the factors that make these

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