Special Franchise Focus: Home, Renovation & Moving Franchises

Illustration of different-coloured buildings in a cityscape

Many Canadians dream of buying a residence and making it their own, either to live in themselves, or to rent to tenants. Once the big purchase is made, however, the home still needs to be updated, renovated, and cared for: the house needs to feel more like a home.

Property ownership comes with a lot of responsibility, and with lives busier than ever, homeowners can’t do it all on their own. Between renovations, upgrades, and maintenance, and then outdoor concerns like lawn care, roofing, and siding, there are a variety of ongoing needs when it comes to home upkeep.

Luckily, homeowners have a whole host of options to turn to when a repair or renovation falls outside of their area of expertise, or when they simply don’t have time in their busy schedules to deal with overseeing or completing these projects.

Learn more about some of the top-notch franchises that are helping to improve and maintain homes, including projects big and small, and everything in between!

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