Promoted Story: looks to fill exclusive franchise territories in five key Canadian cities is a private sale marketing company that’s been in business for 21 years and has found success in its unique approach to real estate. This success has been so widespread, in fact, that the franchise has expanded from coast to coast in Canada and recently into the United States.

While exclusive franchise territories have filled up fast, co-founder and CEO Ken LeBlanc says the system is still looking for eager franchisees to join the fold in five specific cities by the end of 2019: Hamilton, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Medicine Hat, Alberta; Fort McMurray, Alberta; and Abbotsford, British Columbia.

A fresh take on real estate was born in 1998, when LeBlanc teamed up with university friend Jeremy Demont to organize private home sales by owner. They created a website to organize those looking to save on commission and maintain control through selling their property privately, and started advertising the platform in their local community of Moncton, New Brunswick.

The platform was a hit from the start, and the duo started franchising in 2001, with the first 10 franchisees in Atlantic Canada. They’ve since expanded throughout Canada, and now have a master franchise in Florida, and plan to continue to expand in the United States through master franchising.

So, what makes this concept so successful? LeBlanc says the atypical approach is a major factor.

“We’re not your traditional real estate company,” he explains. “ is a service that connects buyers and sellers directly for a fee versus a commission on the back end. What makes us really different is the flat service fee we charge is based on how much marketing and promotion you want to do for the house, not the price of it.”

LeBlanc says franchisees work very similarly to how traditional real estate agents do – they’re part of the local community, which they canvas in their wrapped vehicles offering their services. When someone wants to sell their house, franchisees go to the location, take photos, help sellers prepare it, put it on the website, place a round sign on their front lawn, and give them access to the various marketing tools available, including social media.

The advantage

The major competitive advantage that offers, notes LeBlanc, is that franchisees have full control of their own market. “One of the biggest benefits that we offer compared to traditional agencies is we offer an exclusive territory. So, when we sell a specific market, that’s it – there are no other franchisees in that area. We draw a line in the sand, and you have a set dwelling count, a set market size, and so, you get to know your market quite well. There’s no one else competing with you,” explains LeBlanc.

He adds that while the competitiveness of the real estate market can be daunting, has an advantage in terms of the price point. Selling a home privately with typically costs 10 times less than doing so through a traditional agent.

The perfect partnership

Franchisees play a major role in the system’s success, which makes finding the perfect franchise partners an essential part of the equation. LeBlanc says the main thing that is looking for in a franchise partner is a passion for helping people.

“We’re a kind of the ‘Robin Hood’ of real estate. You need to have the passion to go in there and help people sell their property, save money, and gain control. You also need to have empathy towards consumers, because it’s a tough, nerve-wracking transaction. Our franchisees are really good at taking away the fear of the unknown with the transaction and making the homeowner feel very comfortable and confident to do it on their own.”

Franchisees also need to be sales-focused, says LeBlanc, and the best franchisees are the ones who go and get their name in front of potential home sellers. He adds that a passion for real estate – even if it’s just watching a lot of ‘flipping’ shows on HGTV – can go a long way in providing a head start with a franchise.

As is a marketing company, not a real estate company, LeBlanc notes that partnerships with licensed agents in each market means that franchisees aren’t required to have a real estate licence.

To ensure all franchisees are up to speed, they attend University (PGU) in Moncton for a full week of training to learn everything from operations and technology to photography and sales. also offers one-on-one coaching and provides mentoring opportunities with existing franchisees, and franchisees attend annual national conventions and regional meetings.

While provides the tools for success, franchisees need to have a passion for the business to really hit their mark. “I think it’s important to really love what you do,” explains LeBlanc. “Don’t get into real estate because you see it as a way to make quick money; don’t get into any franchise system because you see it that way. I find that franchisees who love getting up in the morning and enjoy what they do are way happier, and ultimately, more successful.”

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