Get to know experts in the Canadian franchising community! Season 1 of the Franchise Canada Chats Podcast features Canadian franchisors, franchisees, and leaders in the industry.

Join us as we sit down with members of the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) to discuss their journey into franchising, the challenges and successes they’ve faced as small business owners, and more!

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Season 1 (Episodes 1 – 11)

Season 1 Episode 11 | Craig Jooste: On the Fast Track to Franchising 

Season 1 Episode 10 | Brian Bazely: Driving the Change

Season 1 Episode 9 | Dawn Mucci: How Franchising Builds Up Communities

Season 1 Episode 8 | Ryan Kelly: Why Giving Back is Critical to Franchise Success

Season 1 Episode 7 | Ken LeBlanc: The Future of Real Estate Franchises

Season 1 Episode 6 | Michelle Burton: The Truth About Franchising with a Disability

Season 1 Episode 5 | Wayne Maillet: Franchising Demystified

Season 1 Episode 4 | Nicole Hyatt: Why Franchising is Attracting More Female Owners

Season 1 Episode 3 | Matt Crowell: How to Overcome the Fear of Buying a Franchise

Season 1 Episode 2 | Jon-Anthony Lui: Lessons Learned From a Successful Franchisee

Season 1 Episode 1 | Steve Collette: Why You Need Grit to be a Great Franchisee

*Please excuse the sound quality at times during this interview. The information is so valuable it’s worth sticking with it!