M&M Food Market and Instacart to grow delivery partnership to more than 200 stores across Canada

Positive customer response and business results drive ten-fold expansion

After a four-month pilot program that saw delicious products delivered to the doorsteps of customers in London and Calgary, M&M Food Market and Instacart today announced the expansion of same-day delivery services to a total of 216 stores across the country. An initial 18-store rollout began this past spring and generated positive customer feedback as well as increased sales and profitability leading to a strengthened partnership that will bring convenient shopping experiences to even more Canadians.

“We partnered with Instacart for our first-ever delivery program and the reaction has been fantastic,” said Andy O’Brien, CEO of M&M Food Market. “Customers are telling us they love what we’ve done and the business outcomes have exceeded our expectations, so, growing the partnership with Instacart was a no-brainer. We’re pleased that our strategy is paying off and we’re looking forward to giving Canadians even greater access to our food and of course, the M&M Food Market brand.”

Since kicking off the partnership in early May, M&M Food Market customers in Calgary and London have been able to place orders online via Instacart.ca or the Instacart mobile app. An Instacart personal shopper picks, packs and delivers the orders in as fast as one hour or at a time scheduled up to five days in advance. To date, average order sizes have nearly doubled that of purchases typically made in-store at significantly higher-than-average margins. The M&M Food Market team also carefully examined customer responses, feedback from Franchise Partners, product return rates and new customer acquisition and found very positive outcomes for everyone.

“We’re proud to expand our partnership with M&M Food Market to bring easy-to-prepare and ready-made meals to even more customers in as fast as an hour,” said Chris Rogers, Vice President of Retail for Instacart. “By extending the reach of our partnership to more stores across Canada, we’re supporting the continued growth of M&M Food Market’s e-commerce business and bringing the convenience of same-day delivery to more loyal M&M Food Market customers across the country.”

As a result of the expansion, 216 M&M Food market stores are now on the Instacart platform and in true M&M Food Market fashion, customer expectations remain a foremost priority.

“Instacart orders require no extra effort for the busy people running our stores and our data shows that customers are now connecting the convenience of our food with that of delivery,” said O’Brien. “We’ve offered online ordering and a one-hour guarantee for years and our team does a great job at both. Home delivery is yet another example of how we’re fully committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and increasing value to our Franchise Partners.”