May 11, 2019

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As the Baby Boom generation reaches their golden years, franchises that serve those 65-plus are set to meet the needs of this important demographic. With Canada’s senior population growing, the demand for services such as transportation, meal planning, and home care catered to those 65 years and older is increasing at a rapid pace. The May/June 2019 issue of Franchise Canada is all about the franchise concepts that are helping seniors across Canada live happy, healthy, and independent lives along with the home care franchises that keep Canadians homes running smoothly from top to bottom, inside and out!

Like every issue of Franchise Canada, this issue will also include an extensive lineup of exciting opportunities in a broad range of sectors including beauty, health, fitness, and service-based franchises. We also share inspiring success stories, expert advice, and helpful ‘how-to’s to help get you out there and make a name for yourself on the franchising playing field. So open up this issue, learn from the best and brightest in franchising, and scratch your franchising itch!

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