Issue Focus: Excellence in Franchising 

Don’t miss our November/December 2019 issue!

Every year, the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) honours the best and brightest in franchising through its awards program, and this November/December Excellence in Franchising issue shines a spotlight on 2019’s franchising stars. Featuring the Awards of Excellence Grand Prize winners and six franchisees of the year, along with all other franchises recognized for their franchising accolades, Franchise Canada offers an inspirational glimpse into this latest lineup of franchising greats.

This issue will also include exciting franchising opportunities in a broad range of sectors, along with inspiring success stories, expert advice, and helpful ‘how-to’s to help get you out there and make a name for yourself on the franchising playing field. So open up this issue, learn from the top franchising standouts, and scratch your franchising itch!

Watch for these informative features in our November/December 2019 issue:*

Grand Prize Winners: Want to learn more about the franchise systems that took home top honours from the CFA Awards of Excellence gala? Here’s your chance! In our cover story, we share the scoop on the secrets behind the franchising success of Driverseat and Inspiration Learning Center.

Franchisees of the Year: A franchise is only as successful as its franchisees, and these Franchisees of the Year are certainly helping their systems reach new franchising heights. In this feature, six franchisees look to inspire the next generation of top franchisees through their personal experiences and advice for excelling in franchising endeavours.

Award Winners: Craving even more award-focused content? We share the complete list of 2019 CFA award winners, including the Awards of Excellence, Recognition Awards, Franchisees’ Choice Designation, and CFA Membership Milestones.

The Power of Established Brands: When deciding on a franchise system, a major consideration is whether to partner with a larger, established brand or a smaller, emerging system. We provide insight from franchising experts to help you determine your best fit, and three established systems share the benefits of partnering with a powerful franchise brand.

Franchising Formats 101: Franchising can take many forms, and in this informative feature, we outline the differences between single-unit, multi-unit, master, and territory franchising, to help give you the background you need to make an informed franchising decision.

Plus a Special Franchise Focus on Quick Service Restaurants! 

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