Extreme Pita is Alive with Flavour!

Toronto, ON (September 18, 2018) Extreme Pita has enlisted tag to develop a fresh and engaging communications plan for the remainder of 2018, shifting their marketing focus in an effort to foster sustainable brand growth.

In the past year, tag conducted a brand study to discover how Extreme Pita could maintain a competitive edge in the QSR category, while positioning their brand for the future. Research uncovered findings that spoke to how the brand offers quality, healthy food that’s anything but boring — they push flavour boundaries with every ingredient, offering an exceptional experience every time. These insights led tag to carve out a new, unclaimed territory for Extreme Pita: flavour.

“While ‘healthy and active’ continues to underpin Extreme Pita’s existence, flavour is the driver of everything they do,” says Fabio Orlando, CEO at tag. “The QSR landscape has become saturated with healthy claims, to the point where the influence of flavour (on consumers’ decisions) has been overlooked. With that said, “Alive with Flavour” was born: a new positioning that celebrates the flavours and ingredients Extreme Pita has to offer, resulting in a new, rejuvenated brand presence that will resonate with consumers.”

Jason Brading, VP at Extreme Pita adds, “tag’s positioning of Extreme Pita captures the uniqueness of our brand and delivers on a key characteristic that differentiates Extreme Pita from others in this category – Flavour.”

Extreme Pita’s new “Alive with Flavour” positioning is now in market, communicated through social media, programmatic media, in-store initiatives, CRM, and more.

About Extreme Pita

Extreme Pita opened its first location in 1997 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The desire was to provide customers a choice to eat at an establishment that truly understood their active lifestyle and health concerns. In October 2013, Extreme Pita was purchased by MTY Food Group Inc as a part of the purchase of Extreme Brandz. Extreme Pita is committed to excellence, dedication & innovation. These three concepts have made MTY Food Group Inc. one of the largest franchisors in the Canadian restaurant industry. This is food you can feel good
about. Simple, Honest, Authentic, and full of flavour!

About tag

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