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Driverseat Opens in Nova Scotia

Franchise Owner Marko Jovanic is launching in Dartmouth and Bedford

Kitchener, Ontario – Transportation just got more convenient, accessible and affordable in eastern Canada with the opening of a new Driverseat franchise in Nova Scotia. On February 1st, franchise owner Marko Jovanic will officially launch the business servicing Dartmouth and Bedford.

Driverseat franchisees provide chauffeurs (called Coachmen) to drive customer’s vehicles when they can’t, or using better judgement, choose not to drive themselves. The four services provided are Designated Driving, Assisted Transport, Airport Chauffeur and Vehicle Chauffeur.

“We are really excited about launching in this new location.” states Brian Bazely, CEO Driverseat. “The opening in Nova Scotia marks the fourth province we operate in, following Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Our goal is to make transportation more affordable and to provide safe alternatives to those who want to consume wine with dinner or have cocktails with friends and as a result, reduce impaired driving.”

Driverseat franchise owners hire Coachmen who are dispatched through a mobile app to provide services for customers. Customers can use the Driverseat mobile app to request service, see real time updates on the Coachman’s location, pay and tip for the service and rate the Coachman on their experience. This innovative app is easy to use and only takes a minute to set up on any iPhone or Android phone.

Pre-booked services including Airport Chauffeur and Assisted Transport can be arranged by contacting the Dartmouth office directly. The office is open 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday and can be reached by phone, email or Facebook messenger.

“I am so excited about the response from the community, the customers and our Coachmen.” adds Marko Jovanic, franchise owner. “We already have over 2500 followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With a team of Coachmen now hired and trained, a strong presence on social media and the mobile app set up, we are ready to provide service.”

Driverseat Dartmouth will provide Designated Drivers to drive you and your vehicle home. The rate is calculated by a time and distance setting on the app, but in most cases, rides average $30 or less which is similar to the price of a cab. The advantage of course is that you wake up with your vehicle in the driveway the next morning.

In addition, customers can book a Coachmen for a wine tour, to take them to a medical appointment, to have their car serviced or to relocate their car.

“Our customers lead busy lives. We have seen an increase in the number of bookings for private school transportation, to provide Coachmen to drive people to the office so they can work on the way and for so many other unique reasons.” adds Bazely.

To inquire or book a service, simply email, call or Facebook message the Dartmouth location.

Email dartmouth@driverseatinc.com
Phone (902) 701-8885
Facebook facebook.com/DriverseatDartmouth/

For More Information, Contact:

Brian Bazely

About Driverseat

Founded in 2012, Driverseat is a franchise-based business providing Vehicle Chauffeur services. The flagship service, Designated Driving, provides a Coachman for someone who is unable to or, when using better judgment, chooses not to drive himself or herself. The other three services are Airport Chauffeur, Assisted Transport and Vehicle Chauffeur. Driverseat is offering franchises to qualified individuals across Canada or the U.S. who are interested in being an entrepreneur, working in their community and working with a business that has true purpose and meaning.

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