Millennials in Franchising: Wendy’s

June 25, 2018 admin

Imagine becoming the franchisee of 12 Wendy’s restaurants and not yet hitting your 30th birthday. It makes sense that an outsider might get confused about your role within the company. That kind of success isn’t supposed to happen that early. “There are days when I’m in meetings and people think [read more…]

Families in Franchising

June 25, 2018 admin

Franchising can be a very personal business model, so it’s no surprise that many franchisees find success partnering with family members. For all of the franchisees profiled here, pairing up with relatives has provided them with both personal and professional satisfaction. COBS Bread Mike Fujita’s first encounter with COBS Bread [read more…]

Photos of Robert Bruski of Ctrl V and Wyatt and Aiden Booth of Hopscotch

Millennials in Franchising: Ctrl V & Hopscotch

April 26, 2018 admin

This past February, Canadian franchises Ctrl V and Hopscotch were announced as NextGen in Franchising Global Competition winners. The competition, held by the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Franchise Education & Research Foundation, is a worldwide program open to entrepreneurs aged 21-35 from across the globe who are looking to grow [read more…]

Promoted Story: Great Clips

March 16, 2018 admin

When Yasir Saeed needed a haircut six years ago, little did he realize exactly how much his life was about to change. “I just needed a haircut,” says Yasir, “so I searched online for the closest salon. Up popped the Great Clips Online Check-In app. I was really impressed. And [read more…]

Promoted Story:

March 2, 2018 admin

When Christoph Braier and his family moved to picturesque Canmore, Alberta in 2010, the entrepreneur was set on getting his real estate license. An architect by trade, Braier knows his way around the real estate business, having spent the previous 25 years developing homes in Germany. Yet, the more he [read more…]

Collage image of four McDonald's Canada franchisees

Iconic Brand: McDonald’s Canada

February 22, 2018 admin

When Ray Kroc franchised the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, on April 15, 1955, he had no way of knowing that that day would mark the birth of one of the most iconic franchise brands in the world. But what he did know was that if McDonald’s was [read more…]

Photo of the busy interior of a Browns Socialhouse restaurant

Day in the Life: Browns Socialhouse

February 22, 2018 admin

Scott Rumpel has a lot to be excited about. It was 2009 when he was first introduced to casual dining brand Browns Socialhouse on a whim, after going to the restaurant for dinner one night. One meal, and he was hooked. “I was living in Langley, British Columbia at the [read more…]

Photo of Pita Pit franchisees Matthew Brown and Stephanie Ervin in front of Pita Pit sign

Millennials in Franchising: Pita Pit

February 22, 2018 admin

Something that often sets millennials apart in business is their personal connection to their work and their 24-hour commitment to the job. Young couple Matthew Brown and Stephanie Ervin are no exception. “We had been eating at Pita Pit for years prior to applying for our own franchise, so it [read more…]

Illustration of a male employee giving a thumbs up sign, with five stars in front of him

Best-in-Class Franchisees

October 26, 2017 admin

Passionate, engaged, and hard-working franchisees are the cornerstone behind every successful franchise system, and it’s important for franchisors to recognize those that go above and beyond in helping the system find this success. That recognition comes in the form of Franchisee of the Year honours, bestowed on those who have [read more…]

Photo of Black Bear Trades truck

Bringing Franchising to the Trades

August 16, 2017 admin

When a building developer embarks on a new project, their first thought isn’t necessarily about franchising, but Black Bear Trades is set to change that. Fifteen years ago, Director and Founder of Black Bear Trades, Sean Wark, started out in construction, working as a site superintendent. Nine years later, he [read more…]

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