Millenials in Franchising: Strengthening Bonds

January 6, 2020 admin

What do you get when a millennial with a Radio Television and Arts degree and no formal business training decides to become a MaidPro franchisee? If you’re Jonathan Shelson, the answer is a whole lot. Since he took the plunge into franchise ownership three years ago, Shelson has successfully served [read more…]

Millennial Motivation

October 21, 2019 admin

Every issue, Franchise Canada features a successful millennial franchisee, who shares their franchise story, and how being a young franchisee has impacted their experience. We’ve featured some exciting stories over the past year and are highlighting the key takeaways and tips from these franchisees in this Excellence in Franchising issue. [read more…]

Millenials in Franchising: The Burger Boss

June 24, 2019 admin

Before becoming the youngest Fresh Burger franchisee in the company’s history, Armaan Divecha was an unmotivated student, dragging his feet to his university classes. “I took some courses and considered a few majors, but school wasn’t really motivating me,” Divecha says. “I was feeling as if I wasn’t being challenged [read more…]

Millennials in Franchising: Values-Driven Franchising

April 22, 2019 admin

It could just as easily have been the amaz­ing goodies COBS Bread Bakery sells that would win Amanda Mucek’s heart when she was applying for a job several years ago. In fact, it was the company’s charitable giving program that sealed the deal, eventu­ally leading her into the world of [read more…]

Millennials in Franchising: Rising to the Challenge

February 20, 2019 admin

If there’s one thing that sealed the deal for prospec­tive franchisee Cotie Drinkwater when he was consid­ering investing in a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Canada franchise, it was the people. “The company culture was something I’d never seen before,” he boasts. “I had never seen so many people so happy [read more…]

Millenials in Franchising: Steinbach Proud

January 7, 2019 admin

Kianna Jensen opened her first store as a Little Caesars pizza franchisee at 19, but consider­ing she’d been thinking about it since age 10, she may have been more prepared than her age may let on. Now 22, she recently followed up her first location in Steinbach, Manitoba with a [read more…]

Millennials in Franchising: A Sign for Success

December 6, 2018 admin

Signs that Tylan Tough was meant to be a franchisee were everywhere. “It was when my neighbor mentioned using them in Kitchener to sell their home that I started noticing the signs,” Tough says. “At first, I thought it was just another traditional real-estate agency.” That’s until halfway [read more…]

Millennials in Franchising: Driving the Revolution

November 21, 2018 admin

There’s no exaggeration here: Spencer Nikkel’s move to Saskatoon seven years ago was nothing short of spectacular. Just a few years later, the 25 year old would open the city’s first-ever Driverseat franchise – a much needed service for a city ranked among the highest for drunk-driving deaths in Canada. [read more…]

Millenials in Franchising: Baptism by Fire

October 22, 2018 admin

It’s been over five years since 30-year-old Jesse Rob­erts took over the Arby’s in Cranbrook, B.C., but it doesn’t take him long to remember the biggest chal­lenge he faced in his first weeks as a young franchisee. “When we came in, we let the staff know that things were going [read more…]

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