Tutorial 20: Intro to Leasehold Improvements

March 20, 2018 admin

  Like many franchisees, your new franchise location probably falls under the popular brick and mortar category. This means you’re responsible for operating and up keeping a physical space, whether it be a retail, office or commercial location. As such, before you open your new business to the public, you [read more…]

Tutorial 21: Intro to Reporting

March 18, 2018 admin

Franchisees are required to submit reports to the franchisor on a regular basis. Here are 6 reasons why: To ensure that franchisees are paying their fair share of royalties. Franchisees who are not paying the prescribed royalty fee interrupt the franchisor’s cash flow and thus are a threat to the [read more…]

Tutorial 22: Intro to Audits

March 12, 2018 admin

When you enter into a franchise agreement, you acquire the rights to operate the franchisor’s proven business model. And just as you receive specific rights under this agreement, you also commit to certain obligations. Franchisors trust that their franchisees will comply with the franchise agreement, and although you are contractually [read more…]

Tutorial 23: Intro to Dispute Resolution

March 5, 2018 admin

 Despite best efforts, there may come a time during a franchise partnership where franchisee and franchisor disagree. Here are the most common resolution alternatives for franchisee and franchisor disputes: Open Communication – Many issues can be resolved through open communication whereby as a franchisee or franchisor, you present your case [read more…]

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