Tutorial 10: Intro to Franchisee Advisory Councils

May 17, 2018 admin

Joining a successful franchise system means franchisees get the security of operating a proven business model with support and guidance from head office. And although franchisees follow the structure established by the franchisor, what you probably don’t know is that many successful franchise systems have something called a Franchisee Advisory [read more…]

Tutorial 11: Intro to Inventory

May 15, 2018 admin

It may be the products you sell in your retail store. It may be the produce you use to create meals in your restaurant. Or it may be the parts or materials you use to provide a service in your automotive repair business. Defined as all the goods and materials [read more…]

Tutorial 12: Intro to Approved Suppliers

May 12, 2018 admin

One of the great things about opening your business via franchising is the peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowing the products, equipment and supplies you use to successfully run your operations meet the high standards of your franchisor. What does that mean exactly? Well, all franchisors will [read more…]

Tutorial 13: Intro to Insurance

May 1, 2018 admin

It’s not the most exciting part about running a business, but it’s one of the most important. Without it, your business stands to lose a lot of income. Insurance ensures you recover from financial loss during the occurrence of a specific event. From fire to floods to theft or even [read more…]

Tutorial 14: Intro to Recruitment

April 28, 2018 admin

  Just as a franchisor seeks the most qualified individuals to run their franchise locations, you as a franchisee are also responsible for recruiting staff to assist with the day-to-day operations of your business. In fact, one of your central responsibilities as a franchisee will be hiring staff. Why? Simply [read more…]

Tutorial 16: Intro to Renewal Fees and Redesign Costs

April 19, 2018 admin

Just because you invest in a franchise business, it doesn’t mean you’ll be a franchisee for the rest of your life. Franchise agreements don’t last forever, and even after signing your initial contract, there will come a time when you have to renew it. And, just as you are required [read more…]

Tutorial 17: Intro to Territories And Protected Areas

April 10, 2018 admin

To have exclusive property or not? It’s a question on many prospective franchisees’ minds. Why? Because there are pros and cons to both! Protected areas may be defined by distance, radius, postal codes, municipalities or cities. The territorial boundaries are defined in the franchise agreement and will often state that [read more…]

Tutorial 18: Intro to Franchise Growth Formats

April 1, 2018 admin

If you’re a person with strong leadership skills, ambitious goals, and a dream of owning more than one business, you’ve come to the right place! Though you might not know it, franchising gives entrepreneurs like you the opportunity to grow in leaps and bounds. How? Let’s break it all down [read more…]

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