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MTY Food Group Brands Across Canada

August 29, 2019 admin

You may not know it, but MTY Food Group is behind some of the biggest brands on the Canadian food scene. From established Canadian franchise brands such as Country Style and Mr. Sub, to new and emerging concepts, here, Franchise Canada takes a look at the dozens of MTY Food [read more…]

Promoted Story: Wild Wing

August 26, 2019 admin

Wild Wing is all-in when it comes to wings, with 101 different flavours and two different types of 100 per cent Canadian wings. It’s also all-in when it comes to franchising, with a new partnership and a new look, along with other benefits that are bringing more franchisees into the [read more…]

Promoted Story: Mr. Greek

August 26, 2019 admin

Every great team, every once in a while, takes a step back to take stock, get its bearings, and make some purposeful decisions about its future path. This past year, Mr. Greek has done just that, and the brand is now moving forward with a renewed vision and energy. “We [read more…]

Publisher’s Message: Feeding the Community Through Franchising

August 26, 2019 admin

Franchises bring people in the community together, with local business owners – franchisees – playing a pivotal role in connecting with their clientele. The average Canadian interacts with three to five franchises every day, and the franchisees who operate these businesses provide community members with jobs and support local community [read more…]

Growing Together™ with Franchising and the CFA

August 26, 2019 admin

Building local communities is at the heart of the franchise business model, and everyday Canadians should be aware of this model and the pivotal role it plays in our local economies and society. From coast to coast, Canadians across the country interact with franchises daily. Whether it’s dropping their kids [read more…]

Giving Back: Subway Canada

August 26, 2019 admin

For some people, a sub is just a sandwich, but through Subway® Canada’s partnership with Food Banks Canada, these quick service offerings are helping to fight hunger in communities all across the country. Before 2016, Subway® franchise owners gave locally within their individual communities across the country, and the World [read more…]

Franchise Fun: Prep’n Sell

August 26, 2019 admin

The Prep’n Sell system offers real estate agents and homeowners “one-call” access to a full spectrum of home improvement services and specialists, to assist in getting these properties ready for sale, says Prep’n Sell president David Collier. In other words, “we help sell homes faster for more money!” he explains. [read more…]

Iconic Brand: Pizza Pizza

August 26, 2019 admin

Canadians love their pizza. It’s a fun food, and a way to come together and enjoy a meal, watch a game or celebrate life’s moments. Pizza is a party! As Pizza Pizza celebrates more than 50 years, find out why this iconic brand is upper crust in the industry. A [read more…]

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