Illustration of businessmen putting puzzle pieces labelled 'B2B' together

Special Franchise Focus: B2B Franchises

October 27, 2017 admin

While many franchise systems focus on delivering goods and services to consumers, there are also business-to-business (B2B) systems, which focus on providing services to a primarily corporate and commercial clientele. In 2015, 97.9 per cent of the businesses operating in Canada were small businesses. This considerable number of small businesses [read more…]

Illustration of businessman watering plants, which are growing franchises

Franchise Your Business

October 27, 2017 admin

Are you ready to grow your business, and want to learn more about how franchising can help fuel this growth? The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) recently aired a series of Franchise Your Business instructional videos, featuring valuable franchising advice from the experts, including Larry Weinberg, Partner, Cassels Brock & Blackwell [read more…]

Photo of a group of people sitting around a map of the world

Canadian Franchises Abroad

October 27, 2017 admin

For many franchises, becoming a well-recognized global brand is an important goal. These four Canadian franchises are well on their way to that status with new expansion into international markets, while maintaining and growing their success here at home. Driverseat At Driverseat, Co-founder Brian Bazely is taking the road to [read more…]

Photo of a young boy measuring his growth in height against a blackboard with chalk dinosaur scale

Franchise Milestones

October 27, 2017 admin

Just as Canada celebrated its 150th birthday this year, these three franchises are also celebrated big milestones in 2017. Here, franchisors and franchisees from three established brands reflect on their decades of success in Canada, and offer tips on how to achieve longevity in franchising. Humpty’s – 40 Years The Canadian [read more…]

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Crowning Glory

October 27, 2017 admin

Beautiful hair: it’s the crowning glory. No matter what the age, men, women, and children love their locks. Hair salons are big business, and these four concepts are redefining hair design with a fresh, modern take. Fantastic Sams Cut & Color The barbershops of days gone by were neighbourhood landmarks, [read more…]

Illustration of cityscape - buildings and houses

Property Services Franchises Across Canada

October 27, 2017 admin

It takes a lot of hard work to maintain a commercial or residential property, with so many different services required to keep a home or business in working order. Luckily, franchise systems across Canada have recognized the specialized needs of home and business owners, and are providing a diverse range [read more…]

Illustration of a male employee giving a thumbs up sign, with five stars in front of him

Best-in-Class Franchisees

October 26, 2017 admin

Passionate, engaged, and hard-working franchisees are the cornerstone behind every successful franchise system, and it’s important for franchisors to recognize those that go above and beyond in helping the system find this success. That recognition comes in the form of Franchisee of the Year honours, bestowed on those who have [read more…]

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All Hands on Deck

October 26, 2017 admin

After 10 years of working in the banking world, Amber Dinda was ready for a career change. An entrepreneur at heart, Dinda had spent the better part of a decade commuting to her corporate job in downtown Toronto, working long hours, and never shaking the feeling that she was missing [read more…]

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