Publisher’s Message: New Year, Fresh Franchise Concepts

February 20, 2019 admin

New Year’s Eve has come and gone, which means that thousands of Canadians nationwide are flocking to their local gyms looking to fulfill their resolutions. While gyms across the coun­try do indeed see an uptick in membership throughout the late winter months, staying active is not just another flimsy New [read more…]

Talking Shop: Retail Franchises Across Canada

March 2, 2017 admin

No matter the season or the economic climate, Canadians love to shop – Canadian retail sales hit $45 million in October of 2016 alone (Statistics Canada). This means retail franchises are always on the radar for prospective franchisees who are looking to capitalize on Canadians’ spending habits and establish franchise [read more…]

Lessons in Success

March 2, 2017 admin

When he joined Tutor Doctor as the youngest franchisee in the network, 25-year-old Jon-Anthony Lui set an aggressive goal for his new business. “I wanted to do $400,000 in sales in my first year,” he recalls. “Everyone in my training class thought I was out to lunch.” He finished his [read more…]

No Picture

Pillar of Strength

March 1, 2017 admin

When Steve Collette, Founder of 3rd Degree Training | Actual Nutrition, thinks back on what motivated his entry into the franchising industry, he says it all started with a lifestyle change. “My wife and I used to lead quite an unhealthy lifestyle back in our mid-to-late twenties, and then we [read more…]