Publisher’s Message: New Year of Franchise Opportunity

December 21, 2017 admin

If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year when you get started down the path to owning your own franchise business, you’ve chosen the perfect issue to help you make this New Year’s resolution become reality. Packed to the brim with inspiring tales from franchisors and franchisees alike, along with [read more…]

Multicoloured 2018 with Franchising Trend Report text underneath

2018 Franchising Trend Report

December 20, 2017 admin

Small business is big in Canada, with 1.14 million small businesses in the country in 2015, up from 1.08 million in 2012. In fact, the majority of Canadian businesses are small businesses, with 97.9 per cent of all Canadian employer businesses classified as small businesses (with one to 99 paid [read more…]

Photo of a Ctrl V virtual reality arcade

Emerging System: Ctrl V

December 20, 2017 admin

In January 2016, at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the founders of what would come to be known as Ctrl V heard some of the most exciting news in their careers: virtual reality (VR) would soon be available to consumers. Ryan Brooks (CEO), Robert Bruski (CFO), and [read more…]

Photo of Print Three President Andrew Hrywnak

Leadership Profile: Andrew Hrywnak, Print Three

December 20, 2017 admin

There are those whose professional path takes a circuitous route as they jump from company to company in their climb up the proverbial career ladder. By the time they reach the corner office, it’s hard to even pinpoint where or how it all began, yet alone keep track of all [read more…]

Photo of millennial Pillar to Post franchisee Tyler Burley

Millennials in Franchising: Pillar to Post

December 20, 2017 admin

Thirty-three is a young age to become a successful business owner, but for Pillar To Post Home Inspectors franchisee Tyler Burley, the timing was perfect to launch his franchise career. “The biggest benefit of being a young owner is you have less financial responsibilities: no kids yet, no crazy bills, [read more…]

Illustration of magnifying glass magnifying a professional male

3 Ways to Find the Right Franchise Fit

December 20, 2017 admin

The franchise industry in Canada is booming. With new franchise systems coming onto the scene and established brands continuing their growth across the country, there are more options than ever for those wanting to join a system as a franchisee. From accounting to winemaking, franchises can be found in virtually [read more…]

Photo of a man holding a wrapped present that is illuminated

Franchisee Philanthropy

December 20, 2017 admin

Franchising is the new ‘mom and pop,’ and franchisees are small business owners who are actively involved in the communities they serve, providing much-needed support and making valuable contributions. Take the following five franchisees for example. These five exceptional franchisees have gone above and beyond to support their communities through [read more…]

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