Power Sessions


Sunday, April 7, 2019 – 1:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Get Your Convention off to a powerful start by going in-depth on a topic of your choice. Whether it’s choosing the right franchisees, ensuring brand consistency, or improving your digital marketing, these sessions will empower you to get results! Separate registration is required and is included in the cost of your full Convention registration.

Continuous Training through the Franchisee Life Cycle

Presented by: Dan Belhassen, Neovation Learning Solutions

The success of any franchise is built on people. So, how can you guarantee that your people – from franchisees to the front-line staff – execute your vision properly? How can you combine training and performance support in order to ensure knowledge is always available “on demand”? More importantly, how can you make sure your people are well-versed in key processes, procedures and policies?

Every franchise system struggles with these questions and seeks answers to overcome them. For those that do, growth and scalability can be achieved.

Consequently, those that don’t can drown in a sea of non-conformity. In this session, Dan Belhassen, will provide a step-by-step guide to modernize your training processes throughout the life cycle of your franchisees and front-line staff.

Learning Guarantees:

  • What methods can you implement to improve your training?
  • How to motivate franchisees and employees to carry-out your business model
  • What SHOULD franchisees know before opening for business

Chairman's Choice: Tips, Hacks, Advice, Strategies and Lessons Learned to Fuel Your Franchise Development

Presented by: John DeHart, Nurse Next Door and LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic

In 2001, John DeHart sprung onto the scene with Nurse Next Door. Nearly 18 years and 150 locations later, Nurse Next Door along with DeHart’s latest venture LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic, have grown into some of the most recognized healthcare brands in Canada.

In this Power Session, John, along with a panel of some of the best minds in franchising, will offer tips and strategies you can use to exponentially grow your business. Our panel will help you identify the blind spots of your business and show you top solutions for closing those gaps. Whether it’s learning how to generate more sales or optimizing the core areas of your system, this jam-packed session will give you the first-hand insights needed to achieve true, lasting growth and success.

How to Grow Your Customers in a Rapidly Changing World

Presented by: Kirk Allen and Steve Buors, Reshift Media

Going into 2020 you can expect to see major changes in what customers, particularly the younger demographic, expect from your company in terms of digital convenience and online customer service. Forward-looking companies are already making major changes to their websites, advertising strategies and communication methods in order to continue to grow their businesses – don’t be left behind!

This session is ideal for franchise executives and marketing professionals who are interested in learning about major trends impacting customer behaviours over the next 18–24 months. We’ll walk through examples of what leading organizations are doing to prepare, and we’ll also discuss specific actions franchise systems can take to adapt their organizations.

During this informative and entertaining session you will learn:

  • Major trends impacting customer acquisition and retention, plus customer convenience trends to watch out for
  • How franchise systems of any size can integrate data and customer profiling into their marketing campaigns
  • Business implications of voice search, including Google Home, Alexa and Siri
  • What the future of social media looks like from a customer acquisition and retention perspective


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