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January Webinars

100 Units and Growing: Reaching Your Franchise Expansion Goals

Presented by: Jean Phillipe Turgeon, Lavery, de Billy LLP
Presentation Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Cost: Complimentary for CFA members | $79 non-members

Jean-Philippe-Turgeon_100pxJean-Phillipe TurgeonLavery_deBilly_150px


Many franchisors dream of hitting certain growth milestones, whether it’s 10, 100 or even 1000 units, but not every franchisor succeeds. What is your goal and is it achievable? Do you have the proper infrastructure in place? Is there an optimal franchise sales strategy to establish and sustain growth? What are common pitfalls? Find out what the best franchisors are doing to achieve their expansion goals during this webinar.


February Webinars

Can Disclosure Documents Really be a Salesperson’s Best Friend?

Presented by: Blair Rebane, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP & Michael Mutsaerts, Cap-it International
Presentation Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Cost: Complimentary for CFA members | $79 non-members

Blair Rebane
Michael Mutsaerts


This presentation will be jointly presented by Blair Rebane and Mike Mutsaerts of Cap-it International. It will be a fresh look at disclosure issues and in particular how a good disclosure document can be a marketing tool for franchise sales, while still being legally compliant. Issues such as the presentation of financial information, director and officer information, costs and other matters can be done in such a way as to assist in selling franchises.

The presentation is not meant to be yet another legal diatribe on disclosure case law but is meant to examine how the interplay of franchise sales and disclosure obligations work. Blair Rebane will provide the legal view while Mike Mutsaerts will discuss franchise sales issues within the disclosure context.


March Webinars

Social Media: A Must for Any Marketing Strategy

Presented by: Kelly Toppazinni, Keith Toppazinni & Karen Tottola, Topper’s Pizza
Presentation Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Cost: Complimentary for CFA members | $79 non-members

Kelly_Toppazzini_150pxKelly ToppazinniKeith_Toppazzini_150pxKeith ToppazinniKaren_Trottola_150pxKaren TottolaToppersPizza_225px


Topper’s Pizza began from humble beginnings in 1982 in the small Northern Ontario town of Copper Cliffe. Today Topper’s Pizza has expanded to a chain of 37 Pizzerias across Ontario with big plans for growth across the province and beyond that will see the brand reach over 100 units.

Through the trials and error of the last 33 years, Topper’s Pizza has developed a sophisticated marketing strategy to reach customers, and remain top of mind through the use of social media. Topper’s Pizza believes in the importance of investing in its business in an effort to remain relevant and to continue to innovate itself in an ever changing world. Those who don’t adapt fall behind, and Topper’s Pizza is not willing to quit any time soon!

Through this session, Topper’s Co-CEO’s, Keith Toppazzini and Kelly Toppazzini, along with Senior Marketing Manager, Karen Trottola wish to leverage their cumulative 80+ years experience in the restaurant industry and share with the group their successes in the social media arena as well provide some key learnings to the audience.


April Webinars

Franchise Workouts and Alternatives to Terminations

Presented by: Todd Greenbloom, Blaney McMurtry LLP
Presentation Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Cost: Complimentary for CFA members | $79 non-members

Todd Greenbloom


Termination is not always the answer. Alternatives other than termination would be set out including ways of rehabilitating the location so that the existing franchisee can sell the location or be in a position to operate profitably; if the problems are temporary finding ways to minimize loss until the problem corrects itself including options for interim management.

Consider the factors for when an alternative to termination is appropriate and factors which alternative is appropriate. Deal with provisions to be included into agreements to give the franchisor flexibility to be able to use alternative measures. Consider ways of implementing an alternative solution in the absence of an authorizing section in the agreement.


May Webinars

Franchise Disclosure Compliance: The Nuts and Bolts

Presented by: Ned Levitt, Dickinson Wright LLP
Presentation Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Cost: Complimentary for CFA members | $79 non-members

Ned Levitt


There is a growing number of Canadian provinces enacting franchise disclosure legislation and a growing number of decided cases providing guidance as to the obligations of franchisors under these statutes. Currently, the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick have such legislation, and British Columbia will have such a statute in force very soon. These statutes are consistent in requiring the delivery of a comprehensive franchise disclosure document before a prospective franchisee pays any money or enters into an agreement relating to the franchise.

  • The court decisions to date have demonstrated a clear judicial predisposition to a strict interpretation of the wording of the statutes and a willingness to afford aggrieved franchisees their requested remedies.
  • All of these statutes provide for the significant remedy of rescission for non-disclosure or sufficiently defective disclosure. The courts have also demonstrated a willingness to find sufficient defects to support a rescission remedy even from minor administrative errors.
  • There is a growing body of legal literature discussing many aspects of franchise disclosure legislation in Canada. However, what is missing is a concise summary of some of the key areas of the disclosure process which, if not handled properly, can lead to devastating and unexpected consequences.

What This Webinar is Intended to Do:
This webinar will provide a concise and practical summary of the key areas of the disclosure process which, if not handled properly, can lead to devastating and unexpected consequences. Some of the information is directed to all preparers of disclosure documents, some to particular preparers and some to specific situations giving rise to the need to disclose.

What This Webinar is Not Intended to Do:
This webinar is not a “how to prepare a franchise disclosure document”. Rather, it deals only with many of the critical topics in the disclosure process. Most of all, this webinar is not intended to be legal advice for the audience or to replace the need to use other material in the preparation of franchise disclosure documents or for competent legal advice from a lawyer experienced in franchise law.


June Webinars

Leveraging Linkedin for Franchise Growth

Presented by: Frances Leary, Wired Flare Inc.
Presentation Date: Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Cost: Complimentary for CFA members | $79 non-members

Frances Leary


LinkedIn is one of the most under-utilized tools for franchise growth. With it you can increase your visibility in online search, connect with more prospects and supporters, brand members of your franchise team as experts in your field, and grow your franchise in all its locations.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • The importance of keywords and where and how to use the on LinkedIn
  • How to enhance your profile
  • How to connect as a professional
  • How to connect as a brand
  • The power of engaging in groups
  • How to use LinkedIn as a sales tool to grow your business
  • How to use LinkedIn to power both your franchise and your franchisees in this informative presentation