CFA Event Speaker Proposal Form

Speaker Proposal Form

Call for Speaker Proposals for CFA Events and Webinars

Canadian Franchise Association is looking for speakers for our many upcoming events and we’d like to hear from you. Fill out the form below to submit your speaker proposal today.

Session proposals should focus on topics of solid business interest and ensure that attendees come away with good content and enhanced knowledge. Presentations must not be commercial or self-promotional in any way. There is no speaker fee. Presenters should be knowledgeable and dynamic and are encouraged to have PowerPoint presentations and/or handouts. Everyone is welcome to submit a speaking proposal.

If you have questions contact Lou Gervasi, Manager of Events & Education, at 416-695-2896 ext. 243 or

*Please note that speakers chosen for CFA speaking opportunities at our many events, tradeshows and conventions (except in exceptional circumstances) are selected from our CFA membership community. To have an opportunity to reach franchisees and franchisors, we would highly recommend that you become a CFA member by contacting Ruth Stuart Moore at






  • I understand that this proposal may not be commercial or self-promotional in any way. There is no speaker fee. I am responsible for my own transportation, accommodation and expenses (if any). I will provide to CFA, 3 weeks before the presentation, a copy of my presentation in whole or in summary that CFA may produce as a handout for attendees. I have all necessary permissions to highlight any case studies included in my presentation. I give permission for this presentation to be summarized (with attribution) in future CFA publications. I understand that media may be present at this session. I understand that I must be a CFA member in good standing in order to be a speaker at a CFA event. If I am unable to fulfill my speaking opportunity, I understand that CFA reserves the right to use my proposed title, topic, and description with a replacement speaker. I understand that all speakers are required to complete and sign a formal standard one page “Speaker Agreement”. I agree to follow the prescribed speaker guidelines and event management instructions/requests up to and including the day of the event. I understand that CFA reserves the right to cancel a speaker for non-compliance with the Speaker Policy and/or guidelines or other reasons, including but not limited to: • Failure to maintain “member in good standing” status for any reason, including monies owed to CFA • Negative publicity or actions prior to speaking engagement