2018 CFA National Convention | Canadian Franchise Association

Roundtable Discussions

Join four roundtable discussions of your choice to find solutions to your biggest challenges. Make valuable contacts through networking as you explore the franchising issues that matter to you the most. Each session is 40 minutes long and is moderated by an industry expert, who will provide answers to your questions and direct the discussion.

Sessions are 40 minutes each and will run twice on Monday and twice on Tuesday!


John Leavitt, BDO Canada LLP
How does monitoring franchisee results improve profitability? What key information should the franchisor analyze for greater efficiency? Why is benchmarking becoming increasingly vital for capturing unit level productivity and effectiveness? If you’re a franchisor looking for an opportunity to increase sales and improve the performance of your franchisees on a consistent basis, you won’t want to miss this session!
Brian Pereira, CIBC

Every franchisor and franchisee knows that the key to increasing the market share of your brand lies with nurturing a strong banking relationship. What qualities are essential to a solid banking relationship? How do you identify the right financial solution? How can you take advantage of employee banking incentive programs to drive value? Meet your franchise and financial goals with the ideas you’ll gain in this important session.

Marta Rzeszowska, Moneris
Mobile payments are evolving as the realization of ease-of-use, reliability and security come together to meet consumers’ demand for more personalized and convenient shopping experiences. When it comes to your franchise, how are mobile devices changing the way you do business? How can you leverage mobile technologies within the framework of head-office vendor offerings? As more consumers expect to use mobile wallets for payments, join this discussion to find out what it means for your business.

Lisa Raffaele, PUNCH Canada
Do you have an internal communications strategy in place in times of crisis? Are you communicating effectively to your frontline staff? What are the best strategies for building a functional internal communications system? Discover why internal communications is crucial for understanding your employees better and significantly improving a customer’s encounter with your brand.
Steve Buors, Reshift Media
Why should you choose to invest in both social media and search? How can you strengthen your brand presence on all your platforms to drive positive results? How do you measure on-the-ground sales activity to know if it’s working? At this entertaining roundtable, we’ll discuss specific strategies you can apply to generate superior sales results using social and search advertising.
John Wissent, Chair of CFA Board of Directors
The franchise business model is facing an increasing number of legislative and regulatory threats. What advocacy issues are the greatest concern to you as a franchisor? How have recent legislative developments impacted your franchise operations? How can you get involved in CFA’s efforts to protect franchising in Canada? Join this roundtable to find out.
Jennifer Gellatly, Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill
How can the franchise industry support and foster youth entrepreneurship? What are the unique skills and qualities young entrepreneurs can bring to the table? What are some of the barriers to entrepreneurship for those under the age of 30? Share your insight into millennial entrepreneurship during this roundtable discussion.
Matthew Jonas, TopFire Media
Your franchise website is the front door to your business and, on the Internet, curb appeal matters and can mean the difference between a prospect spending three seconds or three minutes at your site. How do you build an online presence for your company that is attractive, intuitive, and speaks to your brand’s values? Do you know best practices in site architecture, back-end programming and SEO? Join this discussion to learn how to generate more franchise leads through your website, and how to pair these strategies with lead-influencing public relations and social media efforts.
Craig Mills, Miller Thomson LLP
What is the impact of an insolvent franchisee on the franchise system? What types of insolvency proceedings can be filed under bankruptcy and how do they affect a franchisor? Can a franchisee be transferred to a third party without your consent? Can you rely upon the franchisee’s insolvency to terminate a franchise agreement? This session will arm you with some practical measures you can take to protect your rights and deal with insolvency appropriately.
Terry Manion, Meridican
Incentive travel is not only rewarding for your franchisees, it’s also rewarding for franchisors. How do you design an effective incentive travel contest? What are the financial mechanics of a contest, the cost of liquidation tactics, and effective promotion strategies? How does the millennial generation shape program design? Attend this roundtable to find out how you can leverage incentive travel as a motivational tool and keep everyone in your franchise system engaged.
Dale Willerton, The Lease Coach

Lease negotiations can be challenging for both sides of the franchise equation. Who is making sure your franchisees end up paying the cheapest rent possible on their next lease renewal negotiation? What are the most common lease negotiation mistakes franchise tenants make and what are the steps for correcting them? This session is a must-attend event for any franchisor or franchisee leasing a commercial or retail location.

Amy Delisle, Keyser Mason Ball LLP

While there are many benefits for expanding your franchise Canada-wide, there are also many inherent risks to keep in mind too. What are the legal and operational considerations for expanding your franchise across provinces? What is the difference between a province wide and national disclosure document? What are the biggest operational challenges you’ll encounter when you take your business to the national level? Avoid the growing pains associated with growing your franchise nationally with this insightful discussion.

Jennifer Dolman, Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Advertising through social media can add a dizzying array of complications when compared to traditional channels. Seemingly innocuous missteps can result in significant damage to a brand’s goodwill. What are the best practices for promoting your brand through social media? What are the strategies for managing a social media crisis regardless of whether it is caused by internal or external factors? How can you ensure that you are sending the right message on social media? You’ll leave this discussion better prepared to manage communications on social media.
Jam Hashmi, ClickTecs

How do you attract the right franchisees using social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook? How do you develop a lead generation strategy that shares your brand’s message and enhances your network? What are some of the key considerations for communicating franchise opportunities on social media? Market your franchise the right way by joining this discussion on best practices for engaging with prospective franchisees on social media for an accelerated growth of your brand.

Brian Bazely, Driverseat

Investing in and developing franchisees is a staple mandate for any franchisor. What are the key components of an effective training program for franchisees? How do you ensure franchisees follow the roadmap provided to maintain brand integrity? What are some of the challenges and opportunities when training new franchisees? Discover how to deliver a robust, quality training program to position your new franchisees for success.

Gary Decatur, Total Franchise Solutions Inc.

Before you franchise your business, you must consider a few key areas first. For example, what are the opportunities and liabilities for adopting the franchise business model? Can you distill your business into an easy, replicable formula? What are some of the legal and financial compliances that you need to be aware of? How will franchising impact your organization? In this session, gain the strategies to easily transition from business owner to successful franchisor.

Francois Alepin and Chanel Alepin, Alepin Gauthier Avocat
In order to do business in Quebec, do you have to translate your trademarks and marketing materials into French? Since there is no specific franchise statute in Quebec, are franchisors bound to any rules? Are franchise concepts from outside of the province welcome in Quebec? This roundtable will explore commonly held myths about franchising in Quebec, offering facts and best practices.
Dianna Thorne, Targeted Accounting
Why is financial transparency critical to your franchise? What cost-effective technology can be used to improve visibility into your financial health at the unit level? How do you leverage this gathered data to pro-actively offer corrective guidance to franchisees experiencing financial challenges? In this interactive discussion, learn how to automate the collection of franchisee financials and increase royalty realization.
Tom de Larzac, HSBC Bank of Canada
What are the major hardships when completing loan documents? Do lenders make the documents too one-sided in their favour? Are there particular clauses that always pose a challenge? What should be the time frame for completing loan documents? What obstacles would borrowers like to see reduced or eliminated? Have your questions answered during this discussion on the challenges of documentation.
Simon Shahin, Build It By Design
What construction permits are essential before expanding your franchise concept? How do you meet the regulations outlined in Ontario’s Building Code? How do you analyze the demographics of your clientele and tailor your design? Save your time and money with this in-depth discussion on how to avoid a long and arduous construction process and adopt best practices for site selection and building permits.
Ruthie Burd, The Lunch Lady Group
What are the implications of the minimum wage increase to your business? How can your franchise absorb the costs created by the new legislation? What are the best practices for ensuring your business not only survives but thrives? Get in on the discussion about what the hike in minimum wage means for your organization and the ideal ways to manage it to sustain business growth.
Thomas Pigeon and Aubrey Podolsky, Pigeon Brands
A great brand is a powerful asset. It’s one of the first things prospective franchisees look for when choosing a franchise. Is your branding strong enough to keep you top-of-mind with consumers and potential franchise partners? This session will introduce you to a simple test to understand if you truly have a clear and compelling brand, and what you can do to build your brand into a driver of growth. Join this discussion to learn how from some of the top minds in Canadian branding.
Victor Hinojosa, AscendantFX
How is your organization managing your foreign supply costs? How are franchisees leveraging their international purchasing power? How are franchisors making it easier for their franchisees to execute international payments or purchases? In today’s competitive franchise world, this is a critical discussion on how to leverage your international buying power to stay three steps ahead.
John L. Rogers, Likewise Franchise & Business Law
Franchisors are required under franchise statutes to disclose “all material facts” in their franchise disclosure documents. How can franchisors fulfill this requirement from a franchisee’s perspective? How do franchise statutes define and the courts interpret “misrepresentation” of “material facts” and what are the potential consequences? What are some examples of accurate representations versus misrepresentations? Join this discussion and come away with a better understanding of how to provide proper disclosure.
Daniel So, McKenzie Lake Lawyers
Franchisees who don’t strictly comply with their franchise agreements can often prove problematic to their franchisors. Yet, even if they are not in strict compliance, franchisors may not wish to terminate franchisees for a variety of reasons. This roundtable discussion will cover alternatives to termination – the last resort – while still promoting uniformity, protecting the system, and providing progressive disciplinary methods for franchisors.
Angelee Brown, Intrideo
This roundtable discussion will focus on the latest automation and Artificial Intelligence statistics and trends. You’ll discuss its impact on Canadian businesses, its effect on franchising in Canada, and how franchisors can implement automation and Artificial Intelligence trends today to boost their ROI.